February 23, 2024

As Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) the upper echelons of suburban California to the bustling city of London, for Marienne Bellamy (Tati Gabrielle) is the only familiar face among a new cast of characters you season 4. Although she seems to have been left out of the show at the start of Part 1, Marienne unexpectedly becomes the heroine of Part 2 when she teams up with Joe’s student Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman) after revealing that Joe has been holding Marienne captive the whole time.

Who is Marienne Bellamy in ‘You’?

Tati Gabrielle as Marienne
Image via Netflix

They are first introduced to us in season 3 after Marienne, Joe and Love (Victoria Pedretti) Madre Linda has moved to the wealthy fictional suburb of California with her newborn son Henry. When Joe starts volunteering at the local library, he immediately becomes obsessed with and has an affair with Marienne (Gabrielle). Like the other women Joe has pursued in the past, Marienne is beautiful and intelligent, but initially single, intimidated by Joe’s charming ways. When they meet, Joe and Marienne bond over their difficult childhoods in the foster care system. Recovering from a drug addiction and stuck in the abusive custody of her ex-husband, Joe takes matters into his own hands and kills his ex-husband. As the season draws to a close, the two plan to run away to Paris together, but when Love reveals Joe’s murderous past, Marienne flees to Paris with her daughter Juliette (Dallas Skye).


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At the start of Season 4, Joe finally locates Marienne in London, hoping she’ll be happy to see him. He pursues her, but eventually lets her go after he pleads to save her for the sake of her daughter. Joe makes a new commitment to stop killing and persecuting people, so we’re led to believe that Joe letting Marienne return to Paris was one of his first attempts to become a better person and put his violent past behind him. In the biggest twist since Love was revealed to be the killer, we learn that Joe Eat The Rich Killer has been the killer all along and has kept Marienne locked in his evil glass cage for the duration of the season. Rhys Montrose (Ed Speelers) that he’s been finding out that Joe didn’t really exist all season, and that he was a hallucinated personification of Joe’s murderous alter ego (very Fight Club). This hallucination first appears after Marienne is kidnapped, leaving her with no memory of having done it and Marienne being trapped underground without food.

Marienne is Joe’s only survivor (for now)

Tati Gabrielle as Marienne Bellamy in You Season 4, Episode 8.
Image via Netflix

It’s a recurring theme that any character who falls under Joe’s suspicions turns up dead sooner or later, but Season 4 pulls off another faux pas in Part 2. Joe uses Marienne’s history of addiction against him and leaves a pill bottle in the cage. tempting you to fall again. When he returns, he finds him dead from an apparent overdose, but in reality, only Marienne appears to be dead Joe’s student and murder mystery enthusiast Nadia becomes suspicious of him, and after breaking into his apartment, she finds a clue that leads to where Joe held Marienne captive. The two women come up with a plan to fake Marienne’s suicide by injecting her with a drug that slows her heartbeat so that she appears dead. When Joe discovers her body and dumps her body on a park bench, Nadia wakes her up and Marienne is finally able to return to Paris to be with her daughter.

With Marienne believed to be dead, Season 4 ends with Joe continuing his relationship with Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) who is willing to use his immense wealth and power to clear his name, allowing him to live a new life without consequence. With the upcoming fifth and final season just announced, Marienne being able to outrun Joe not once but twice was the only real triumph of season four. As Season 4 introduces us to a group of London’s unfortunate elite, Marienne’s return provides a stark contrast, giving viewers someone we already know and want to root for. She’s an artist and mother who’s been through a lot and is willing to do anything to create a better life for her daughter, so returning to Paris is the only semblance of a happy ending we’ll get in Season 4.

It’s great that Marienne teams up with Nadia to take down Joe. Nadia is also from a working-class background and notably, she and Marienne are the only two women of color in season four, so there’s a sense of solidarity between the two of them as they work together to free Marienne. It’s especially refreshing to see the women come together to escape with their lives after seeing the women pitted against each other for Joe in previous seasons.

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