June 25, 2024

If you’ve been online in the past year – or been into any of the hot topics lately – you’ve probably seen something Spy x Family. Currently nominated for Anime of the Year at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards, the series gained massive popularity when it premiered in April 2022 and grew throughout the year as people from all corners fell in love with its characters and plot. So it’s no surprise that similar anime will start to premiere, and the first of these similar series would be in 2023. Dad friends.

when Dad friends was announced, many people called “Spy x Familybut gay.” While there’s a lot to unload there, this tagline was a good advertisement for the series. After all, it wasn’t entirely bad; the series seemed to share some similarities. Spy x Family. It’s about two assassins adopting a daughter and having to keep their line of work a secret from her and everyone else as they deal with learning to be parents. However, now that the anime is halfway through its airing, it’s clear that it’s not just a copy of its astronomically popular predecessor, and that it’s found its footing with audiences. But, you might be asking yourself which one is best for you as an audience. It’s easy to figure out if you have the right information.

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The plot between Spy x Family and Buddy Daddies has many similarities

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As for the plot, Spy x Family and Dad friends they seem quite similar at first glance. Spy x Family It’s about a spy and an assassin in a stage marriage, where neither knows the other’s profession, but their daughter (a telepath) knows their background. This is all to fulfill Twilight’s ultimate goal (Takuya Eguchi), whose mission is to enter an elite private academy. The series has a clear overall plot, and involves seeing how the mission affects the characters, how they go about their secret lives, and how they go about the day-to-day operations of their target. While it’s a slice of life comedy, it also has elements of thriller and drama and doesn’t lean too much on the more “realistic” side of parenting that can be humorous. There are currently twenty-five episodes of the series, with a second season already underway and a manga series underway, so you won’t miss out if you want more.

Dad friends, on the other hand, is about two killers who have already worked together, adopting a girl who was saved in a shootout in which her father, a mob boss, is killed. Kazuki (Toshiyuki Toyonaga) takes on the role of a father fully and forcefully, his friend Rei (Kouki Uchiyama(Hina Kino) and how they parent. The series leans more towards the comedic side of life in the traditional sense and definitely finds humor in the more “realistic” side of parenting, such as finding a daycare, dealing with discipline, and handling excited kids. This leads to the anime being a bit more episodic; Although there is a through line to the story, you can definitely catch an episode and enjoy it well enough. Currently, the series will have thirteen episodes and no external content such as a manga or light novel.

The main differences between the two are that Spy x Family while it is linear Dad friends it could be considered episodic and that Dad friends It’s a more traditional parent-centered comedy/slice of life Spy x Family It’s a mix of comedy, slice-of-life, drama, and thriller, and focuses a little more on the family’s mission than the family itself.

Both shows approach parenthood differently

King  Kazuki and Miri in a car together in Buddy Daddies
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Another important difference between the two series is the parents they portray. Dad friends it presents a male couple who are aware of each other’s situation. Kazuki is portrayed as a man who wants to be a father and gives everything he can to be a good parent. Rei, on the other hand, is reluctant at best to the idea of ​​parenthood, and initially refuses to help Mi at all. Both are not completely clueless about parenting and make a lot of mistakes, although it’s clear they love Miri and are trying to do right. They are new parents who are inexperienced, goofy, and a little overzealous. Also, they are not always the greatest group of parents; Kazuki tends to take the lead, with Rei openly pointing out his failures when his plans go awry. That, of course, may change as Rei opens up more in the coming episodes.

However, Twilight and Yor (Saori Hayami) are strangers with a new romance as Anya sails to her parents (Atsumi Tanezaki). Although they are as inexperienced as Kazuki and Rei, they have a different approach. They are much calmer and more collected, and Yor has some experience with children from looking after his younger brother, which comes through in the gentle way he talks to Anya. They tend to avoid a lot of the shenanigans Kazuki gets into, and are a pretty good set of parents. They never undermine each other, share responsibilities equally, and work together to find the best way to parent Anya while not blaming the other.

This difference in parents can be attributed to the difference in plot in many ways. Spy x Family It requires Twilight and Yor to be at their best: the mission depends on it. Dad friends He has a little more freedom to play with the difficulties of the first parents. With this freedom, they can show more of the dynamic between Rei and Kazuki and how they navigate a world they shouldn’t be a part of without much outside pressure. Spy x Family.

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The Littlest Spy

Twilight with Anya in Spy X Family
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Both series feature a daughter who is a little more than the new parents wanted. Spy x FamilyAnya is a telepath above all else, and although her family doesn’t know it, she helps her navigate her new life and, in part, Twilight’s mission. Because of her abilities, Anya often seems older or more mature than most children her age, and we usually don’t see her doing unpleasant things for children (other than refusing to study and being mean because she can’t participate in certain things). .)

Miri, on the other hand, is a typical four-year-old. He’s full of energy, makes messes, whines, hugs his daddy every chance he gets and begs to play…the list goes on. He acts like a child would, and many viewers find this annoying. However, it fits well into the story Dad friends; Just as Twilight wants to make a world where children don’t cry, Kazuki envisions a world where children don’t smile because seeing a child careless makes people want to protect them more.

In the end, Spy x Family and Dad friends They are two very different shows. They have different plots, genres, character dynamics and storytelling styles, but both have comedic, slice-of-life stories about the struggles of new parenthood. Honestly, if you like one, you’ll probably enjoy the other, and it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot. So fire up Crunchyroll and make your choice; An action-packed family comedy awaits!

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