May 24, 2024

The Shout the franchise has delivered quite a few iconic characters over the years, though Parker PoseyIt’s Jennifer Jolie Scream 3 remains a top fan favorite.

Even Jennifer Jolie, or rather Judy Jurgenstern appeared in the first two The stabbing In movies like Gale Weathers, we don’t see her in the flesh Shout until the franchise Scream 3the part that focuses on production Stab 3: Back to Woodsboro. When a new Ghostface takes aim Stab 3 actress, Jennifer has a chance to meet her real-life Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox), and treat Shout fans into one of the franchise’s most intense, hilarious and charming dynamics.


As much as I would have liked endless screen time for Jennifer, her time is cut short, but in the best possible way – Jennifer’s death is one of the best kill scenes in the series. While trying to navigate John Milton (Lance Henriksen) in the maze of a mansion, Jennifer finds herself trapped behind a one-way mirror. Can see Gale and Dewey (David Arquette), but they can’t see it. With nowhere to go and Ghostface approaching, he tries to get their attention by banging on the mirror, but Dewey catches him too late. By the time he throws the glass, Ghostface has another victim.

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Parker Posey in Scream 3
Image via Dimension Films

So yes, Jennifer Jolie is clearly dead, but we all know what happens when fan-favorite characters die: survival theories emerge.

I have zero patience for “Stu (Matthew Lillard) lives” ideas. The guy was stabbed, electrocuted and his head smashed by a TV. He is dead. And Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore) could have lasted through the opening of Shout it is completely absurd. While I think the same is true of Jennifer and an unexpected survival would lessen the impact of one of the best kill scenes in the franchise, based on the state of the characters in her final shot, she’s much more likely to survive than Casey or Stu. .

Again, strong belief is dead here, but just to have a little fun with the idea, in a final episode Collider Ladies NightI asked Posey what he thought he would have done if he had survived the events of Jennifer Scream 3and his answer was to the point:

“I hope I’m like Gwyneth [Paltrow], you know, and it has this awesome new-age potion life, like its own version. I think that would be fun. Because of his trial, in the play I just did, I talk about him. But that would be so much fun to write like that now. I only give scraps to the writers.’

Courteney Cox, Parker Posey and David Arquette in Scream 3
Image via Dimension Films

Posey also took a moment to try to explain how he created that wonderful connection and cadence in the film with Cox:

“It was such a joy. It was so much fun to wear that suit. It was great writing. It was fun. I don’t know how to respond except that I loved Courteney and we had a great time, and it was easy to imitate, right? And then it was a great interview was”.

Yes, Posey threw in quite a few A+ lines Scream 3, but it’s his unique delivery that made many of them some of the most quotable lines in the entire franchise. So Jennifer Jolie may be dead, but she will live on as unforgettable Shout legend.

Eager to hear even more from Posey? This right here is just a small part of our 40 minute interview for his new film Beau Is Scared. You can catch the full Ladies Night interview right here on Collider this weekend Beautiful enters the halls!

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