June 25, 2024

What happens when a psychologically challenged cop decides to get into the mind of a killer? Get to know him Shailene Woodleynext function, To catch a murderer. Not to be confused with the 1992 two-part TV movie of the same name. Damian Szifron He directs this 2023 crime thriller, the Argentinian director’s first English-language film.

Woodley will star in the film, which follows him as a troubled cop hired by the FBI to profile and track a dangerous serial killer, possibly at the expense of his own mental health. To Catch a Killer also features Ben Mendelsohn and Jovan Adepo in significant roles. While you wait for the film to hit theaters this spring, you can check out our handy guide below to the release date, plot, trailer, cast and characters, and everything we know about it. To catch a murderer.

Shailene Woodley to catch a killer
Image via Verticals

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When should a murderer’s release date be caught?

Shailene Woodley in To Catch a Killer
Image via Vertical Entertainment

Previous title the misanthrope, To catch a murderer It has been working since 2019. The film looks very intense and may have the potential of a hard-hitting psychological crime thriller film. of the zodiac or in se7but mostly pleasant The Silence of the Lambs.

To catch a murderer It has been released by Vertical Entertainment and will hit theaters on April 21, 2023. The film will face tough competition at the box office. Guy Ritchie‘s the treaty and Evil Dead Risingreleased the same day.

Does To Catch a Killer have a trailer?

We got the first look To catch a murderer March 8, 2023. The two-minute clip opens with an indiscriminate shooting across the city on New Year’s Eve, leaving the city and police angry and confused. The FBI gets involved, realizes that this is no ordinary killer and needs a new approach to hunt them down. Watch the trailer below!

the general atmosphere of To catch a murderer, as seen in the trailer, is very tense and disturbing, which is a good sign for a crime thriller of this scale. The film gives us a glimpse into Eleanor’s character, where we see that she has had a troubled past, and somehow her tortured psyche helps her identify some of the characteristics of the killer, almost as if she were seeing it firsthand. Thus, he becomes the head of the investigation. Ben Mendelsohn and Jovan Adepo also appear in the trailer as FBI agents.

What is the story of To Catch a Killer?

Jovan Adepo, Ben Mendelsohn and Shailene Woodley in To Catch A Killer
Image via Vertical Entertainment

Set in Baltimore on New Year’s Eve, To catch a murderer A mysterious gunman follows a city-wide shooting spree. The hits look like serial killings, but the victims are not connected to each other, and there is not a single clue of the killer. A crime of this scale involves the FBI, but even they are at a loss with no way to track down this madman.

Investigator Lammark spots a talented young cop, Eleanor, and brings her to the FBI team to help on the case. However, Eleanor’s background does not sit well with the chiefs, who “believe that it is the profile of the people we arrest, not the profile of the people we hire.” And yet, he believes that he is probably the only one who can find this criminal. Can Eleanor fight her demons while searching for one? Or will his psyche become entangled with the killer’s and drawn into his plan? You’ll have to watch the movie to find the answers.

To Catch a Killer Be streaming?

No word on whether or not To catch a murderer will be available for playback. There may be an early release date for the solicitation video, but that’s pure speculation. The film will be released on April 21, 2023 and will compete with several films released at the beginning of the summer movie season.

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Who is the cast of To Catch a Killer?

Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actress Shailene Woodley leads the cast To catch a murderer. The Big Little Lies and divergent the series star plays Eleanor, a brilliant and intelligent Baltimore PD police detective who is hired by the FBI to hunt down an elusive killer.

Woodley Emmy-winning actress and Bloodline star, Ben Mendelsohn. These are some of Mendelsohn’s last films Cyrano, the kingand Captain Marvel. He will also star in the upcoming Marvel series, Secret Invasion. Emmy nominee Jovan Adepo, who is known for his roles fences, When they see usand Babylon, he is also joining the cast. Mendelsohn will play lead investigator Geoffrey Lammark, while Adepo will play FBI agent Mackenzie.

Game of Thrones and Chernobyl the actor Ralph Ineson He will play Dean Possey, a skilled shooter and the film’s antagonist. Rosemary Dunsmore (Orphan Black), Mark Camacho (X-Men: Days of Future Past), Sean Tucker (Parts of a woman), Michael Cram (Birch), John Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch), and Carine Dion (Stranger Things) rounds out the cast of the film.

Who are the creators behind catching a killer?

Shailene Woodley in To Catch a Killer
Image via Vertical Entertainment

To catch a murderer It comes from Damian Szifron, who also directed and co-produced the film on the side Jonathan Wakeham. Szifron is an Argentinian television and film director and screenwriter best known for his 2014 Academy Award-nominated and critically acclaimed dark comedy. Wild Tales. These are some of his previous films Time of Valientes and The bottom of the sea. The upcoming crime thriller marks the filmmaker’s English debut.

Szifron has also created the Argentine series The Simulators, which is the most successful TV series in the history of Argentine television. In 2022, the adaptation of the film The Simulators It was announced by Paramount, with Szifron at the helm of the project, and is scheduled for release in 2024.

The filmmaker is also one of the producers To catch a murdererJoining Woodley, Aaron Ryder (the arrival), and Stuart Manashil (Parts of a woman). Oscar-nominated composer and filmmaker Martin McDonaghlongtime collaborator, Carter Burwell, forms the film’s score. He is best known for his recent work in the Oscar-nominated film The Banshees of Inishering.

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