April 13, 2024

Ted Lasso It is one of those shows that came out of nowhere and delighted the fans when they needed it the most. The Apple TV+ original, which has won multiple Emmys in its first two seasons so far, is finally returning for a third season. The show is funny, but it also slyly works through issues of toxic masculinity and emoting in a way that feels relatable rather than preachy.

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That’s exactly why fans love the show so much: it’s funny and superficially appealing with serious themes that defy expectations: it’s not just a sports drama. So far, several episodes have been pivotal to the story and will contribute to its themes and further episodes.


1 “Pilot” – Season 1, Episode 1

Ted and Rebecca come face to face in episode 1 of Ted Lasso.

As with any show, the pilot episode sets the tone for the entire series. Fans are introduced to the title character, Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), a seemingly cheerful soccer coach with a heart of gold and a catchy celebration dance. They are also introduced to a seemingly mean and angry Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), who will probably be his worst enemy.

In the first episode, however, fans see that Ted isn’t the beacon of positivity he seems to be all the time. The pain is hiding under the skin. This is evidenced in his call to his wife at home, which shows the strain in his marriage.

2 “Tan Lines” – Season 1, Episode 5

Ted playing with a train with his son in Ted Lasso.

The fifth episode of the first season further reinforces that Ted uses his cheerful demeanor to hide his sadness. Things have not improved with the wife, and they have decided to end things. It’s also the first time Ted shows how he can put his feelings to work by benching Jamie to prove to the team that he’s good enough to do it themselves.

The friendship between Rebecca and Keeley (Temple of Juno) is a refreshing take on a story that many fans thought could stereotypically end up with two beautiful and powerful women at each other’s throats. Instead, they grow to love each other, hinting that the show will be more like what people might have thought.

3 “Make Rebecca Great Again” – Season 1, Episode 7

AFC Richmond players standing together, Nate in front of them with a Ted Lasso board.

Fans who went back to watch the first two seasons will see little evidence of anger and resentment slowly building up in Nate (Nick Mohammed). The first hint is in this episode when Nate is finally asked to share his thoughts on the game and games. He does so, and the team ends up winning.

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It’s also the first time fans have seen Ted break his happy-go-lucky persona on someone else and snap at Nate. Most importantly, it’s the first episode where Ted has a panic attack, and fans see how much he’s in pain and a much softer, more caring side of Rebecca. He is slowly beginning to regret his decision to use it.

4 “The Diamond Dogs” – Season 1, Episode 8

Rupert and Ted from Ted Lasso standing face to face, looking serious.

Finally, fans get to see a softer side of Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein), who has feelings for Keeley, but doesn’t know how to act. It’s also the episode where Ted shows his true character and support for Rebecca by challenging his ex Rupert (Anthony Burua), to a game of darts. It features one of the most memorable scenes and speeches from the must-see Apple TV+ show.

There is also a change in Rebecca as she realizes how much she hurts others around her and she is becoming the type of person who doesn’t want to hold a grudge against her ex.

5 “All Apologies” – Season 1, Episode 8

Roy Kent of Ted Lasso standing in the dressing room during a scene from the show.

After denying reality for so long, Roy finally decides to retire and accepts Ted’s offer to work with the team to help coach him. It is Keeley who assures Roy that there is more to him than just being a football player. It’s something the man needed to hear for a long time, and he finally heard it from someone who truly cared. But most importantly, he finally listened.

Also in this episode Rebecca finally admits what she did and apologizes to Ted for her antics sabotaging the team and using him in the process.

6 “The Hope That Kills You” – Season 1, Episode 10

Ted talking in the locker room in a scene with Ted Lasso, Nate and Coach Beard watching in the background.

In the season one finale, all of Ted’s clever and thoughtful ways are on display when he presents Jamie with (Phil Dunster) with a toy soldier to watch in the background, even though Jamie has left to play for a rival team. It’s a sentimental gift that clearly affects Jamie, who has a broken relationship with his father. He also realizes that he pushed Ted to be a better team player.

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With Ted and Rebecca now on the same page, he really wants the team to win. But even more, she is sure that Ted will help them do it and begs him to stay.

7 “Do the Right Thing” – Season 2, Episode 3

Jamie from Ted Lasso talking to the group in the locker room, Nate, Coach Beard and Ted looking on.

With Jamie back on the team, fans see a weaker side as he apologizes to his teammates for his bullying behavior and promises to do better. It’s a pivotal moment of redemption for the characters, even if Jamie’s apologies initially fall on deaf ears.

Sam (Toheeb Jimoh) also gets his moment to shine in a moral tale about being invited to become a spokesperson for Dubai Air. However, when Sam learns that the company’s owner is an oil company that is polluting his hometown, he puts the needs of his nation first and calls out the company in a press conference. This episode has a deeper message about not selling oneself for greed and the importance of courage and honor.

8 “The Signal” – Season 2, Episode 6

Nate dressed up sitting at a table smiling and looking back in a Ted Lasso scene.

It’s the second time Nate is forced to step in when Ted has another panic attack, this time on the field during the game. It’s a scene that accurately portrays mental health Ted Lasso. Once again, it’s clear that Nate feels resentment toward the coach when he does the work, but never gets the credit.

In this episode, Rebecca learns the identity of the young man she matched with in Bantr. A much younger Sam seems pleased with the appearance. Although both are reluctant to achieve anything, given their business relationship and age difference, it is clear that there is a new attraction, both physically and emotionally.

9 “Man City” – Season 2, Episode 8

Sharon Ted Lasso therapist smiling wearing a helmet and riding a bike.

Fans finally see the real Jamie when, after being rejected by her father, she breaks down crying in Roy’s arms, who is surprisingly more in tune with his emotions. This is one of the most satisfying episodes Ted Lasso.

This moment and the intense displays of emotion prompt Ted to call his therapist Sharon (Sarah Niles) and reveal a big secret: his father committed suicide when Ted was a teenager. It’s a big step forward for the character.

10 “The Inverted Pyramid of Success” – Season 2, Episode 12

Ted and Nate from Ted Lasso on opposite sides of a room staring at each other seriously.

Not surprisingly, the Season 2 finale is one of the most pivotal yet. This is the episode where Keeley makes a big move in her career and career, and Sam decides to stay on the team.

But the biggest news is Nate leaving for West Ham, betraying Ted and AFC Richmond, and working with the worst enemy possible: Rebecca’s ex, Rupert. It sets the stage for a final showdown between Ted and his protégé, but will likely light a fire under the team to work harder and better for the big win in the end.

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