June 25, 2024

Reid is best known for her roles in “Missing” and “Euphoria.”

With each episode, The last of us presented us with gut-wrenching conflicts and excellent character studies. The show has elevated the IP with its slow plot and juicy themes that weren’t possible with the games. While we saw Joel’s past in the very first episode to mark his character’s turn from apocalyptic to post-apocalyptic, Ellie’s past has been a mystery until now, with a few hints here and there. The new trailer for episode 7 promises to finally show his side of the story.

We see Ellie being bullied at FEDRA’s children’s camp in the absence of her friend Riley. We also see him getting into trouble as a FEDRA officer asks him to “follow the rules and become an officer.” The clip gives us a peak of Ellie’s optimism as she tries to convince Riley to come back because they can be “the future” together. The seventh episode will also bring back an important location from the games, as we see both in the mall. While we might be unsure how this event will unfold, given the show’s penchant for twisting events, we know anything is possible as we watch Riley and Ellie come face-to-face with a click.


In episode 6, titled ‘Kin’, we see a high point in Joel’s story as he finally finds his brother Tommy in Jackson, Wyoming. Living there looks like a normal life that both Joel and Ellie are not used to. The episode also sheds light on how they now have more control over each other as Ellie sees a parental figure in Joel, and is increasingly worried that he won’t be able to protect her like Sarah. The episode began with a small time jump to establish the change of seasons and deepen Joel and Ellie’s relationship, as we see another memorable scene from the games brought back to the screen as the two discuss who Ellie will continue her journey with. The upcoming episode will also test Ellie’s survival skills as she is injured after Joel’s visit to Eastern Colorado University.

Storm Reid and Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us
Image via HBO

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Who is the protagonist in ‘The Last of Us’?

the actor of The last of us includes Peter Pascal like Joel Bella Ramsey Like Ellie, Storm Reid like Riley Gabriel Luna like Tommy Routine Wesley like Mary Merle Dandridge Like Marlene and more. The new episode will be on February 26th, you can watch the preview below:

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