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Most people will point it out The world of water when asked to identify Kevin Costner‘s biggest box office flop. Those people aren’t necessarily wrong, either. The 1995 disaster cost $175 million to make. That is more than the annual GDP of many countries. And although it has been done $264 million profitit is considered a lost opportunity Yellowstone the actor But there’s another ’90s film Costner made that paid the bill two years later, which is an even bigger failure, though. The world of water. We are talking about convicts the postman He returned only $20 million With a budget of more than 85 million dollars, a good portion of which came from Costner’s own wallet. So what in the “water world” happened to this David Brin A novel adaptation of a postman riding a horse across the vast Northwestern United States in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic society? And why did the star decide to use his money to get the production to the finish line?


Costner has always invested in his projects

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Much is made of Costner putting his money on the line the postman because it was very bad in cinemas and was very well received by critics and audiences. But Costner has also received the tab for some of his most successful films. For the triumphant 1990 western epic Dances with Wolves, the star invested $3 million out of his own pocket and won the Academy Award for Best Picture. He also invested more than 9 million dollars Black or WhiteThe 2014 film starring Costner, Octavia Spencerand Anthony Mackie. You won’t hear much about it either the film doubled its investment to over $21 million on the money the actor put into the film. The reason why such a stink is raised about his grant the postman is that it was a huge project and that it would come next to another huge bomb The world of water.

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So what happened to “The Postman”?

There are many reasons for hoarding the postman, from the excessive length of over three hours to the portentousness of himself, the director, and the producer, Costner. But apart from being a bad investment, there’s something the movie doesn’t ring true. It’s set in 2013 and what’s left of society has been split into small villages of survivors, survivors fighting for the ruins of a once-living civilization. It was Kevin Costner in another apocalyptic scenario, but this time he’s not surrounded by water, but by miles and miles of dusty land with no land. The star was gone The world of water directly to “Dirtworld” without going through “Go” and certainly without collecting $200.

The best dialogue in the film is in the opening scenes between Costner and his horse, “Bill”. That should tell you all you need to know about the script. It looks like he’s trying to imitate Costner CervantesDon Quixote and find the magic he discovered seven years earlier with the legendary dances with wolves but without the seriousness of the Oscar saga. Will PattonThe brilliant actor who also appeared with Costner in the spy thriller Cold War 10 years earlier, No output, General Bethlehem, Costner’s nemesis, has the misfortune to play. General Belen and his men are also merciless racists and misogynists in a time when such characters appeared on screen and had the opportunity to say some hurtful words. Then Costner starts quoting William Shakespeare, and it goes from there. These are all things you can gather from watching the first 30 minutes of the movie.

Somehow even Costner managed to fight big Tom Petty made a cameo and needlessly tarnished the rock icon’s legacy in the process of it all.

What was Costner thinking (and spending)?

Close-up of Kevin Costner in a scene from The Postman.
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In the opening scenes, we see Costner traveling alone across the vast expanses of Utah’s Great Salt Flats and talking to his horse. This perhaps leads to the project’s crucial question and overall metaphor. Was she really lonely and looking for something to keep her sane, or does Costner just like hearing her voice? The bigger question is: When did this bad movie stop telling a compelling story, and become an ego trap and Costner’s personal money pit? Maybe he put so much money into the project that by the time they got around to shooting principal photography, there was no turning back the postman. It’s no secret that Costner isn’t the most down-to-earth guy to ever make his own movies, but how could he have thought this would work out for him?

fool me once (The world of water) be ashamed fool me twice (the postman) be ashamed There’s a lot of shame going around, but we really don’t think the newly crowned King of the West cares one way or the other. As long as he is able to move on to the next project. And although we couldn’t find an exact figure for what Costner spent the postmanregardless of the profit from all his good works The untouchables, Field of Dreams, Bodyguardand Dances with Wolves By the time he finished paying most of the bill for that $20 million mess it should have been gone. His Everyman Ray Kinsella character Field of Dreams it would not fly in a hard and lawless border. You’re not in the cornfields anymore, Kevin, and the New World Order can’t be solved by two middle-aged white men fighting each other like high school wrestlers.

Did he learn from this fiasco?

Kevin Costner on horseback holding a white flag in The Postman.

After a turn-of-the-millennium nightmare that saw Costner descend from A-list, real, show-and-shoot fundraiser to an actor approaching dreaded “has been” status, you’d think he’d let it go. in any other cash vacuum. Most of the time, it has. In the 20th century, he produced seven more films. All of them have received good and mixed reviews, especially the 2003 one open range, That yellowstone-like western thread It made over 300% profit on a $20 million budget. And the aforementioned Black or White that made a tidy profit on a small budget. In recent years, Costner has found his place within the Western genre to critical acclaim, Let it go In 2020 he starred alongside Sissy Spacek, and now the Paramount television blockbuster Yellowstone under the firm hand of the creator Taylor Sheridan. Costner will produce, direct and star in another western. the horizon, this spring. It will share the screen Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Luke Wilsonand Church of Thomas Haden. But fair warning! General Bethlehem – Will Patton – will also be paired with Costner in the new film. This time the couple feels more appropriate than they are the postman.

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