February 21, 2024

Festival Down‘s the thirteen-year hiatus is finally over, too Adam Scott He reprized his role as Henry Pollard for the Starz sitcom. In 2022, Scott showed his acting range with his lead role Termination. Throughout his career, we have seen him steal the show in sitcoms and more recently dive into more dramatic ones. If you want to see every angle of Scott’s acting, below is a list of his eleven best performances.

Griffin in ‘Boy Meets World’

Adam Scott in Boy Meets World
Image via ABC

Boy Meets World by Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) along with his family and friends, the way he goes through high school and university. The story is full of fantastic side characters, one of them being Griffin (Adam Scott). Griffin is one of the many bullies featured on the show and fan favorite school teacher Mr. He is known for his rivalry with Feeny (William Daniels). Scott is perfect in the role, using his wits and manipulation to carry out his bullying instead of brutality like the other bullies on the show. Griffin marked a departure point for Scott’s career, this small role in the Disney sitcom is fun to return to years later.


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Mark S. in ‘Severance’

One day I might look back on Scott’s career and see Termination as his main achievement. Termination is a sci-fi thriller where the minds of the characters are altered to separate work and home life. The story follows Mark S. (Adam Scott) as he begins to unravel the mysteries behind the new technology. The beauty of Scott’s performance comes from Mark’s portrayal on and off the clock. Separating work and life creates two completely different people.

Ben Wyatt in “Parks and Recreation.”

Parks and Recreation - Amy Poehler as Leslie and Adam Scott as Ben
Image via NBC

Parks and Recreation It follows Leslie Knope, a government employee and deputy director of the parks and recreation department (Amy Poehler). Leslie is a firm believer in local government and the series takes us through her many trials to prove her local government capabilities. At the end of the show’s second season, everything changes when state auditors Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) and Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe), come to see the budget. What was originally supposed to be a small role for Scott turned out to be career-defining, as his character was incredibly popular, and he stuck around for the rest of the series as a calzone-loving nerd.

Tom Engel in ‘Krampus’ (2015).

Christmas season has not been the best for the Engel family. The family struggles to be around each other, and when the youngest, Max (Emjay Anthony), is bullied into believing in Santa, accidentally conjuring the popular demon Krampus into their house. Adam Scott plays Tom Engel, the father of the family. Krampus it’s the only true horror film on the list and Scott does a wonderful job playing with the dysfunctional family elements while maintaining the intensity of being haunted by a Christmas monster.

Derek in ‘Step Brothers’ (2008)

Adam Scott in Step Brothers
Image via Sony Pictures Releasing

This is one of Adam Scott’s smaller roles, but perhaps the one that put him on the map the most. If there is Boy Meets World There a small audience was introduced to Scott’s comedic talent then Step Brothers there you see the actor who starred in several sitcoms. Step Brothers Brennan Huff continues (Will Ferrell) and Dale Doback (John C. Reilly) when parents are forced to be roommates when they get married. Dale’s younger and more successful brother Derek (Adam Scott) shows up with his wife and taunts him. Scott created his own bully mentality Boy Meets World in this and poses as an annoying and successful older sibling.

Henry Pollard in ‘Party Down’

A group of actors move to Hollywood with dreams of making it big, but end up in the hospitality industry. Henry Pollard (Adam Scott) quit acting after landing a beer commercial, which gave him some fame but ultimately killed his career progression. Festival Down It was Adam Scott’s first major role, and you can see how it could foreshadow his later success in the film. The appeal of the film comes from seeing the skills the actors use for different professions.

Ed Mackenzie in ‘Big Little Lies’

Adam Scott in Big Little Lies
Image via HBO

Big Little Lies follows five women as they become involved in a mysterious murder plot after a single mother moves to her upscale beach town. Adam Scott plays Ed Mackenzie, the stable husband of the main character Madeline Mackenzie (Reese Witherspoon). Scott’s humble personality contrasts with the rest of the cast, making him one of the standout supporting characters as Ed and Madeline work through their marital problems.

Jason Fryman in ‘Friends with Kids’ (2011).

Friends with children It’s the opposite of your typical romantic comedy about two friends, Jason Fryman (Adam Scott) and Julie Keller (Jennifer Westfeldt), they decide to have a child together while keeping their relationship platonic. Jason and Julie are lifelong friends, but when they see people around them struggling with their relationships after having children, they decide to become one to avoid the risk of children ruining their relationship. While the concept may be hard to believe, the chemistry between the entire cast, especially Scott and Westfeldt, makes the concept believable.

Caleb Sinclaire in ‘The Vicious Kind’ (2009).

Adam Scott is curious and pulls out a jacket in The Vicious Kind
Image via 72nd Street Productions

Vicious Kind is an exploration of difficult family dynamics. Caleb Sinclaire (Adam Scott) tries to warn his brother Peter (Alex Frost) to escape from his new girlfriend (Brittany Snow) when he brings it home for thanksgiving. However, as the vacation progresses, Caleb begins to fall in love with Emma. It’s one of Scott’s first dramatic roles, and you can see many elements of his performance here, due to his success. Termination

The biggest event in television history

Over four episodes, Adam Scott’s mockumentary-style miniseries attempted to recreate the iconic openings of ’80s TV shows. Each episode of the series was built to be its own story, airing within months of each other, with the aim of recreating the magic of 80s television. Including a bunch of guest stars Paul RuddAmy Poehler, Nick Krolland Jon Hamm, The biggest event in television history it’s a nice love letter to old television. Adam Scott plays several characters in the series, starting with the initial run Simon and Simon to Too Close for Comfort.

Ben in ‘Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later’ (2017).

Adam Scott in Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later
Image via Netflix

in the same way that we are very excited about the return of Festival DownAdam Scott joined the cult classic cast Hot humid American summer with a three and a half hour miniseries for the ten year anniversary. replacing Bradley Cooper As Ben, Adam Scott matches the chaotic nature of the cast. Although Scott had big shoes to fill in Cooper’s absence, the film acknowledges the change by relating a procedure Ben received during the ten-year gap.

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