June 24, 2024

The Little girl reboot recently announced the news of its cancellation. For comparison to the CW original Little girl With its popularity in 2007, it would be unfair. For those unfamiliar with this drama-filled series, it follows the lives of privileged teenagers on Manhattan’s Upper East Side amid scandal, miscommunication, and a ruthless blogger known as Gossip. girl

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with all Little girl‘s ups and downs, he couldn’t endure six seasons without a headline-worthy situation along the way. Between all the backstabbing, cheating, and nail-biting scenes, this series has given its fans plenty of reasons to watch it again. These classic episodes like “Serena Madre’s Treasure” and “GG” prove exactly why the reboot could never live up to its original.


10 “Pilot”

Season 1, Episode 1 (2007)

Serena looking down the stairs
Image via The CW

One of the most memorable pilot episodes of recent years, the first episode is the perfect way to get a handle on it Little girl the universe These privileged teenagers of Manhattan’s elite are Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald. The series begins with Serena returning to New York after being gone for a year. Dan Humphrey, known as “Lonely Boy,” sits on the sidelines as he looks on in shock.

Usually, a pilot episode isn’t always the best, but it takes viewers into the thick, drama-filled lives of these teenagers. Although it is a very unrealistic lifestyle, its uniqueness keeps the audience coming back. The central theme quickly emerges as class conflict, rivalries, and rampant underage drinking.

9 “Girls of the Valley”

Season 2 Episode 24 (2009)

Lily and Carol on a bus in a flashback
Image via The CW

To prove Serena’s independence, she refuses the help of her mother, Lily, and her grandmother to break out of prison. Seeing Serena like this will bring Lily back to her teenage years. Before she became New York royalty, she was just an ordinary girl living in Los Angeles. At this point, Lily is a rebel similar to Serena’s current state.

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Mothers always want the best for their children. Although Lily and Serena’s lives are very similar, Lily only wants the best for her daughter. Of course, everyone has to go through struggles to get better than before, but moms can do so much to stop that.

8 “They shoot Humphreys, don’t they?”

Season 3, Episode 9 (2009)

Image via The CW

Not only does Jenny want to be Queen B of Constance Billard, but she also wants to be the entire Upper East Side. Learning from Blair Waldorf’s actions, she orders her henchmen to find the hottest date for the Cotillion. Eric, disdainful of everything Jenny has done to get where she is, decides to sabotage her date with her boyfriend as an escort. This unfortunately didn’t work out for Eric because Jenny shows up with the evil Nate Archibald.

Cotillion season is on the Upper East Side. Looks are everything to Jenny, especially if she wants to be Queen B. The goal of gaining power begins to overcome itself and things around it begin to spiral. Luckily for her and with Nate’s help, she found a way to get what she wanted. With the enemy gathered against him, he will have to figure it out on his own.

7 “Pret-a-Poor-J”

Season 2 Episode 8 (2008)

Jenny talking to Agnes
via The CW

As an intern at Eleanor Waldorf’s workshop, Jenny befriends a model named Agnes. Unbeknownst to Jenny, Agnes helps her realize that Eleanor is taking advantage of her designs. Jenny decides to leave Eleanor and start her own line while dropping out of school. After a situation with Agnes, Jenny is rescued by Nate to see Jenny as more than Dan’s little sister.

Despite Jenny’s constant ups and downs, she shows her morals in this episode. He is lucky enough to have a job with the famous Eleanor, but he begins to understand her worth. While he can do more on his own, there are more reasons to stick with an internship and build yourself up. The good girl everyone loved so much is gone, and Jenny’s dark side is here to stay (making her one of the best female characters of the 2010s).

6 “Serena Mother’s Treasure”

Season 3, Episode 11 (2009)

The table is being set for the Thanksgiving episode of Gossip Girl
via The CW

Circumstances eventually lead everyone to a Thanksgiving dinner at van der Woodsen’s. As they sit at the table, tension builds as secrets are whispered. But the most iconic part of this episode is at the Thanksgiving table, when it all unfolds like “What’cha Say.” Jason Derulo plays Everyone walks away from the table, divided to see how things can be resolved.

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It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a plate full of drama on the Upper East Side. This series is well known for its infamous Thanksgiving episodes, but this one takes on the turkey with plenty of rumors and truths out there. The perfect place for everything that goes out into the open space is at the dinner table.

5 “Hello Society”

Season 1, Episode 10 (2007)

Dan carrying Serena
via The CW

Upper East Side is in its debut season as Blair and Serena make their debut in society. Regardless of what everyone thinks of Dan, he sweeps Serena off her feet as her escort. Nate and Blair finally have a chance together, while viewers get a better understanding of Lily and Rufus’ past.

Cotillion glamor isn’t always what people think. Its members are stressed to the max in their search for the perfect escort while dealing with the drama within. This begins the girls’ career in Manhattan’s elite, meaning all eyes are watching their every move.

4 “Freshmen”

Season 3 Episode 2 (2009)

Michelle Trachtenberg as Georgina Sparks on HBO Max's Gossip Girl
Image via HBO Max

The Little girl the group has attended college at Ivy League schools. Everyone has to adjust to their new life of not being the center of attention. Blair Waldorf is no longer Queen B as she watches her roommate Georgina become the likable female antagonist on TV that everyone wants to be around. Blair has to somehow make her way back to the top.

The perfect twist to the series is when the roles are reversed. Dan Humphrey is popular, and Blair is in the shadows. The real world, or the college world for that matter, is not like high school. Blair can’t outsmart everyone at sushi parties, so she has to figure out another way to be classy.

3 “GG”

Season 5, Episode 13 (2012)

Image via The CW

Blair makes the life-changing decision to marry Prince Louis after coming to terms with her and Chuck’s end. This ill-fated marriage becomes all for show when Louis tells Blair that their marriage is just a contract. Feeling hopeless, Blair calls Dan for help, and with her strong feelings for him, she does as he says. With Georgina in control of the Gossip Girl account, disaster ensues.

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This episode 100 Little girl it had to be good. Becoming a princess is all Blair could dream of, but she couldn’t stop thinking about Chuck. Aside from the drama and pain the two inflict on each other, their love is something no one can achieve even in the midst of a prince.

2 “Goodbye Gossip Girl”

Season 2 Episode 25 (2009)

Serena looks at her phone, Blair looks to her right in her prom clothes
via The CW

Serena and Blair believe that leaving high school means leaving Gossip Girl behind, but it becomes clear that they will never be able to get rid of her. Even as Serena and Nate work together to discover GG’s identity, their plans are derailed by reprisal blasts against every rumor sent to him. Chuck’s long-ago declaration of love to Blair is the icing on the cake.

Clearly, Gossip Girl is not someone to mess with. Whenever the group tries to take him down, he retaliates in the worst way possible. Aside from the failed attempts to reveal GG’s identity, the revelation of love between Chuck and Blair makes this episode one of the highs of the series.

1 “New York, I love you XOXO”

Season 6, Episode 10 (2012)

Chuck and Blair kiss while their friends and family watch
Image via The CW

Gossip Girl’s identity as Lonely Boy is finally revealed. Even though everyone knows the truth, everyone agrees to move on with their lives. Blair and Chuck get married while Serena and Dan try dating again. Five years later, Blair and Chuck live happily with their son Henry, while celebrating Dan and Serena’s wedding with friends and family.

The finale ends the series with a bang. After six seasons of constant ups and downs, it finally ties in with a time warp. Viewers are given the closure they deserve as their favorite characters grow up in their lives and move past their Gossip Girl high school bully. But for those who want more, it has Little girl the reboot is on HBO Max.

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