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in 1958, Orson WellesThe touch of evil go to the theaters It was dark, violent, deeply subversive, and ultimately marked the end of the noir movement that began in the early 40s. During these almost two decades, numerous filmmakers (Welles, Billy Wilder, Jacques Tourneur, and many more) used the crime genre to delve into the darkness of humanity without breaking the Hays Code. Then, in the late 50s, light stopped filtering through those Venetian blinds. Noir was dead.

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But not for long. The New Hollywood movement of the 1970s reinvigorated and reimagined black in what was called, you guessed it, a new genre. neo-noir Since then, moviegoers on Reddit (and around the world) have debated the best neo-noir films of all time, with some films being mentioned more than others.

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Updated by Hannah Saab on February 21, 2023:

Like the latest neo-noir films The decision to leave and Batman highlighting the lasting impact and interest of the genre. And while Reddit viewers may not have named it the best of the best, there is no shortage of neo-noirs that have received Reddit’s seal of approval and should be a must-see for fans of the genre.


10 ‘Guarantee’ (2004)

Image via DreamWorks Pictures

Taxi driver Max Durocher (Jamie Foxx) wants to earn enough money to open a limo service. One night, he takes Vincent (Tom Cruise) who offers him a huge fee to drive around town all night. There’s just one small problem: Vincent is a murderer.

In between Michael Manns best work, the action film is one of the greatest representations of LA, and KcKilla151 includes”Warranties” on Reddit’s “best neo-noir movies” list. The steady pace creates a sense of calm and then an ever-closer danger as Vincent’s brutality reveals itself. Soon, there is no moment and no one feels safe.

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9 ‘Brick’ (2005)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Brick

What if Philip Marlowe was in high school? That’s the long and short of it Ryan Johnson‘s underrated neo-noir film The brick, who follows a young man Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a teenager he was investigating the disappearance of his girlfriend. Even when it first came out, Johnson showed a talent for positioning the camera, redefining character archetypes and writing killer dialogue. For example: “You better be sure you want to know what you want to know.” And “Maybe I’ll sit here and bleed you.”

It is understandable why many people refer to it The brick as one of the great neo-noirs. Canter he even describes it as “a solid definition of neo noir”, as it encompasses many of the aspects that make the genre so great.

8 ‘Body Heat’ (1981)

William Hurt and Kathleen Turner in Body Heat

In the 1944 noir classic Double Indemnity, a wife and her insurance agent lover hatch a plan to kill her husband and collect the insurance payout. In 1981, writer-director Lawrence Kasdan presented his take on the iconic story – Warm Body – with more sexual touch and much more sweat.

Kathleen Turner and William Hurt He played the aforementioned lover in the film, which has now been deleted Redditor simply referred to as “Warm Body” – in a thread about “best neo-noir movies”. As the duo’s plan takes shape, so too does it unravel. Such is the nature of the crime in Kasdan’s near-perfect blurb: “Whenever you try with a decent clime. , you have fifty ways to screw it up. If you think at twenty-five, you’re a genius, and you’re not a genius.’

7 ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ (2005)


Perhaps the funniest neo-noir ever made, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang the stars Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer as a thief-turned-actor and a detective training for his next role, respectively. But after finding a body in a trunk, the two become involved in a murder plan.

A Redditor along with the film mentions “Chinatown,” is proof that it’s truly iconic. With metafictional, self-referential humor, wonderful chemistry between its leads, wry dialogue that pays homage to old-school noir, and a twisted plot that keeps the audience guessing, there’s no questioning that it’s among the best the genre has to offer.

6 Mulholland Drive (2001)

by David Lynch
Image via Universal Pictures

It’s another often mentioned neo-noir David Lynch‘s iconic psychological thriller Mulholland Drivewhich is almost impossible to describe in a few short sentences.

Many people (like some Redditors) mention “Mulholland driveConsidered “among the best neo-noir films” and Lynch’s best work, it’s a complex portrait of the dreams of the people who come to Hollywood, as well as people in general. It may not always make narrative sense, but that’s not it. it is the sweet drop of cynicism in a town that raises false hopes – dreams are made.

5 ‘The Long Goodbye’ (1973)

Image via United Artists

Robert Altman‘s The Long Farewell is an adaptation of Raymond ChandlerThe 1953 noir novel of the same title that satirizes and updates the genre. The film features Chandler’s famous PI Philip Marlowe, but in many ways, the similarities stop there. He called the detective “Rip Van Marlowe” and ordered Elliott Gould To act as if he had recently woken up from a 20-year hibernation. Then he brought his cynicism into the story. He wanted the audience to see how violent and punishing the world can be.

Today, it is considered a classic, thanks to Altman’s vision. Leigh Brackettthe script, Gould’s indifference and an amazing supporting performance Sterling Hayden. No wonder on Reddit, with the user ThaMac praising the camera work before calling him “one of them”. [their] eternal favourites’.

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4 ‘Fargo’ (1996)

Frances McDormand as Marge Gunderson

An ordinary man hatches a criminal scheme to get out of his daily wretched misery. His sin is not just of him the fall though. He unleashes hell on everyone around him. Many noirs follow this basic plot, though Coen brothers exploit it in the Best Picture-nominated film about a Minnesota car salesman who hires two criminals to kidnap his wife and rescue his wealthy father-in-law.

Of course, the plan backfires. Disaster ensues. And the municipal police (Frances McDormand) is left to ask the seller: “What for? For some money?” the user georgiamone the calls Fargo one of them”[his] favorites,” and many others on the platform share the same opinion.

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3 ‘Oldboy’ (2003)

Starring Oldboy

Park Chan-wook‘s old boy is a classic of the genre. After fifteen years in prison, a man who has just been released goes on a mad hunt to get revenge on those who wronged him. But as noirs have shown audiences for years, revenge comes at a price. Incredibly high price.

Now deleted Redditor places”old boy” First on the list of “best neo-noir films ever made”, echoed by many other users of the platform. With action sequences choreographed to a fault, well-written characters and a terrible and legendary twist. All in all, it is a must-see masterpiece that highlights the best of the genre.

2 ‘Blade Runner’ (1982)

Blade Runner - 1982

Neo-noir or something the neon– when? Ridley Scottlegendary film adaptation by Philip K. Dick novel, Do androids dream of electric sheep?, is a staple of any neo-noir list. Set in a distant and dystopian future 2019, Blade Runner follows a hard-boiled detective (Harrison Ford) as he pursues a gang of rogue androids.

Even if it’s set in the “future,” the movie might have more impact Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett than the masters of science fiction, however GregThePrettyGoodGuy He describes it as the perfect gaming option “if you want sci-fi with your neo-noir.” Dirt, coats, German expressionism, Ford’s cynicism, everything turns black. But it’s Dick and Scott’s commentary on humanity’s complicated relationship with technology that twists the genre and elevates it to an all-time neo-noir classic.

1 ‘Chinatown’ (1974)


Any discussion of the greatest neo-noir films must be included Chinatown That is precisely why a Redditor simply answers “Chinatown” in a thread about the best neo-noir films. Robert Towne‘s screenplay is the greatest ever written and not just because of its last line.

Towne’s original screenplay has all the elements of classic noir: the down-on-his-luck PI, the femme fatale, the sinister underworld of Los Angeles. But Town pushes further, pressing the genre’s bones until they break. Chinatown it’s not just about a corrupt person or a crime or a case. It’s about a city, a system, the emptiness of wealth and the unthinkable things men do because they can and want to. It’s not necessarily a neo-noir. It is a pure masterpiece.

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