November 29, 2023

since they first appeared in the year Attack of the Clonesclones of Star Wars They’ve been some of the most beloved characters of the franchise’s fans, even starring in two TV shows: The Clone Wars and Bad Luck.

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Of course, in a massive group of over a million units, there are going to be some favorites. Over the years, fans have chosen their own. From the loyal and no-nonsense Commander Cody to the morally complex Crosshair, many of these characters have become some of his most beloved. Star Wars.


10 Waxer, Twi’lek’s brother

Clone Trooper hugging a little alien girl

The charm of clones is that they don’t have to appear in many episodes to be memorable. Such is the case with Waxer, who only appears in a handful of stories The Clone Wars.

In a single episode, “Innocents of Ryloth”, Waxer proved to be one of the smartest, kindest, and most pure-hearted clones in the series. By guiding a small alien girl across a war-torn planet without understanding her language, Waxer proves her worth to Obi-Wan and the audience.

9 Omega’s age is no barrier to his intelligence

Omega The Bad Batch Season 2 Trailer
Image via Disney+

The newest and youngest member of the Bad Batch is also the only known female clone Star Wars. Omega is a pure, unaltered clone of Jango Fett, so there’s no telling how far his potential will take him.

Sharp, powerful and easily the nicest clone ever Star Wars in the animated realm, Omega’s way of seeing the world through a childlike lens of wonder makes him an easy character to love. His lovable personality and the fascinating significance of the story Bad Luck elevates the show in a way few other characters do.

8 Wrecker is a tank with a Heart of Gold

Wrecker in The Bad Batch
Image via Disney+

from the main set of Bad Luck, Wrecker is easily one of the funniest to watch. Loud and expressive, she is a genetically mutated clone with incredible strength.

He may not be very smart, but Wrecker has proven himself time and time again to be an indispensable member of the team, getting out of countless dangerous situations with his incredible strength, steadfast loyalty to his friends, and boisterous personality.

7 99 It proved that there are heroes in the most unlikely places

An old, malformed Clone Trooper facing the camera

Although he only appeared in a couple of episodes of The Clone WarsClone Trooper 99 left an indelible mark Star Wars the myths He was a malformed clone forced to serve as Kamino’s gatekeeper due to his inability to fight.

Although often despised for his deformities, the 99th was a compassionate and admirably dedicated soldier to the end. His death comes in a poignant glory that embodies the main message Star Wars: That anyone can be a hero and make a difference, no matter where they come from.

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6 Cody is one of the most tragic Clone Troopers

a clone trooper in yellow armor staring at the sinister hologram on the battlefield

One of the few named clones to speak lines in the prequel trilogy, Commander Cody has been a fan favorite for years despite being one of the soldiers who followed Order 66.

For a long time, Cody’s inner psyche wasn’t explored nearly as often or as deeply as it should have been. Although not everyone enjoyed the bow he was recently given Bad Luckit’s certainly a welcome addition to the story of one of the franchise’s most tragic and intriguing heroes.

5 Break Free from the Toxicity of the Republic

Clone Trooper holding his sleeping alien wife

There aren’t many clones like Cut Lawquane. There is no clone like him, an ex-soldier who deserted after the Battle of Geonosis, married, had children, and settled into a life of peace.

In a show full of soldiers blindly following orders, Cut’s decision to leave the army and break out of the Republic’s cycle of violence and hypocrisy is refreshing. His new life as a family man is very endearing and very interesting to watch, and the fact that he’s still willing to help his brothers when they need it makes it all the more endearing.

4 Crosshair is like a snake in Klon’s armor

Crosshair in a scene from Season 2 of The Bad Batch
Image via Disney+

From the very beginning Bad LuckCrosshair established herself as the most mysterious and intriguing member of the group, a love-hate character. Star Wars fans enjoy it.

Silent, ruthless, and with a dangerous sense of superiority, Crosshair isn’t exactly evil, but he’s definitely not one of the good guys either. He’s nuanced and complex, with strange personality traits and motivations that fans have yet to fully grasp. Actually, that makes it even more fun.

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3 Five of them prevented order 66

Five escape the Kamino in Star Wars The Clone Wars

Fives is not one of the most important troops The Clone Wars but also easily one of the most important. Constantly devoted to Erne and his brothers, he is the type of soldier anyone would want by their side in difficult situations.

In Season 6, Fives is the star of perhaps one of the show’s most impactful and emotional arcs in the entire franchise. His investigation into Palpatine’s evil machinations is very sad to know what comes next, and his inevitable death is one of the most significant of all. Star Wars.

2 Boba Fett has been a fan favorite for decades

Temeura Morrison as Boba Fett

Boba Fett is a completely different type of clone. He is ageless, able to age like a human, claimed as a son by Jango Fett himself. After the death of his father, Boba is sent on a journey of revenge, rage and bounty hunting.

Even with his own show (which unfortunately received poor reviews from fans), Boba is still one of the most underused characters in the franchise. What a small audience be watching him is always a lot of fun, thanks to the clone’s badass fighting style and mysterious personality.

1 Rex is one of the best characters in ‘Star Wars’

Captain Rex from Star Wars The Clone Wars

You’d be hard-pressed to find one Star Wars A fan who doesn’t love Rex. He’s one of the most cunning and loyal clones in the Republic Army, and his great sense of humor makes it no wonder he gets along so well with Ahsoka and Anakin.

Rex represents the best of the clone family. Fearless, intelligent and an amazing leader, it’s no wonder why the show focused on him more than any other clone. He is also one of the only ones to have obtained Order 66 without losing his free will, playing a crucial role in the final defeat of the Rebel Alliance Empire.

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