June 25, 2024

Crowe plays the real-life priest, Father Gabriele Amorth, who was the Vatican’s chief exorcist.

2023 is already terrorizing the theaters with such few hits on M3, Infinity Pooland Play in the Cabin. The next few months will focus on the return of such iconic franchises as the genre Shout and Evil Dead, April features an original supernatural horror film that has piqued the interest of genre fans. That would be it Pope’s Exorcist protagonist Russell Crowe. The film sees Crowe play the real-life Reverend Father Gabriele Amorth who was the Grand Exorcist of the Vatican. The story will be inspired by his demonic case files. Now before the first trailer of the film, a new film from the film Pope’s Exorcist du Crowe breaks down the fear at the center of Father Amorth’s story.


The minute-long film highlights Amorth’s role with the Catholic Church and how he performed thousands of exorcisms over more than three and a half decades. This made him a controversial figure due to the nature of his work fighting this unproven form of demonic evil. He worked at the same time as the famous demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren who were known for their controversial methods and theories. Like the Warrens, Father Amorth documented his own cases that led to this film.

The last thing this featurette mentions is the role the Church played in the existence of evil. The Catholic Church has always been concerned about the existence of demons, the term evil and concepts like hell. Depending on who you ask in the Church, exorcists don’t exist, but even though the horrors of the Church today come from self-inflicted wounds and revelations, Pope’s Exorcist It examines the most plausible aspects of the Catholic religion’s position on demonic possession, while revealing the terrifying dark secrets of the real world.

Russell Crowe in The Exorcist of the Pope
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A history of supernatural terror

The supernatural subgenre has been associated with horror since its inception. That’s right, the genre in cinema was not launched until 1968 Rosemary’s baby. That horror classic started a wave of “Satanic Horror” films that would become a staple of the genre throughout the 70’s and 80’s. The Amityville Horror, poltergeist, Carrie, Said and the list goes on. However, the film that changed the genre forever was from 1973 the exorcist. The William Friedkin based on the classic William Peter Blatty The book of the same name is one of the scariest movies ever made. It defined how we see exorcists in such franchises to this day the conjurationBased on the Warrens’ case files, and underrated gems like the hit Paramount+ series Bad.

Pope’s Exorcist It seems to have taken a lot of influence from that horror classic. In the first footage we’ve received in this new feature, the moody gothic imagery feels straight out of the blue. the exorcist. Although there have been plenty of exorcism movies in the 50 years since the exorcistLiberation, that’s certainly not a bad thing. It is also a film to watch as a director Julius Averythe previous horror film of Gentlemen it was an underrated genre gem.

Pope’s Exorcist release date

Pope’s Exorcist It will be screened in theaters on April 14, 2023. Movie stars with Crowe Ralph Ineson (Witch), Alex Essoe (Doctor Sleep, Midnight Mass), and Franco Nero. While horror fans eagerly await the film’s first trailer on Wednesday, you can check out the full trailer. Pope’s Exorcist below:

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