February 22, 2024

There’s nothing like the hospitality business! In the air for almost 13 years, Festival Down It will return in season 3. The show takes place after most of the hospitality team, including actor-turned-bartender Henry Pollard (Adam Scott), have moved on from their roles. However, an unexpected reunion brings the gang back together, and they once again find themselves navigating special encounters and eccentric guests scattered throughout Los Angeles.

The original series centered around a catering group in Los Angeles and the humorous misadventures of hosting various events. From the adult entertainment awards to the funeral reception, each episode highlighted the talented cast as they tackled different topics.


season 3 Festival Down It premieres on Starz on February 24, 2023. Read on for our guide to the familiar faces you’ll be seeing next season and the newest additions to the cast!

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Adam Scott as Henry Pollard

Image via Starz

Henry Pollard, played by Adam Scott, is a character Festival Down who quits acting and returns to work for the catering company. It gained popularity with “Are we having fun yet?” in a beer commercial, which unfortunately ruined his acting career. Although apathetic and underachieving, he often serves as the voice of reason among his colleagues and is usually the straight man in their jokes. Henry’s relationship with Casey is a recurring storyline in the show.

Scott is a popular American actor, comedian, and producer, best known for his role as Ben Wyatt on the NBC sitcom. Parks and Recreation. This performance received two Critics’ Choice Television Award nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Recently, she started playing the lead role in the psychological drama series Termination, which debuted on Apple TV+ in 2022. His performance in the series earned him a nomination for the prestigious Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

Ken Marino as Ronald Wayne “Ron” Donald

Ken Marino on Party Down Season 3
Image via Starz

Ronald Wayne “Ron” Donald is the portrait Ken Marino. Ron is a determined and self-important leader of the Party Down catering team, very demanding when it comes to work and values ​​customer satisfaction above all else. Although he is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, he often relapses under the pressure of work due to his low self-esteem. Ron’s ultimate ambition is to operate a Soup R’ Crackers franchise that serves unlimited soup. However, after investing in the business, it fails after five months, leaving Ron to return to Party Down but without his former leadership.

Marino is a popular actor who appeared on MTV State and has had prominent roles in many television shows, among others Marry Me, Burning loveand Children’s Hospital. He portrayed the Lehman brothers in the Showtime series Black Monday. In 2017, Marino played Mr. Johnson in the Netflix comedy-horror film Babysitter and then reprized the role of the entourage, Babysitter: Killer Queen.

Jane Lynch: Constance Carmell

Jane Lynch: Constance: Party Down Season 3
Image via Starz

Played by Constance Carmell Jane Lynch. Constance is a former actress who takes actor Kyle under her wing and mentors her. He is kind, friendly and one of the most positive members of the Party Down team. She shows her caring nature by saving an elderly man who faints on the job and giving Henry advice to boost his self-confidence when he feels down. Constance genuinely cares about the well-being of her colleagues and does everything she can to help them when they are struggling.

Lynch is a famous actress, perhaps best known for playing Sue Sylvester in the musical comedy series. happy, for which he won a Primetime Emmy Award. Jane Lynch was absent in the last two episodes Festival Down Season 1 because of his commitments happy, but was a guest star in the last episode of the second season. Lynch also gained critical acclaim for his performances Christopher Guestsuch as fake movies Best of the show, A strong windand For Your Consideration.

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Martin Starr as Roman DeBeers


Martin Starr He plays Roman DeBeers, a screenwriter with a penchant for all things sci-fi. Unfortunately, his writing efforts don’t get the attention he wanted, which obviously contributes to his grumpy attitude. He doesn’t hesitate to judge his co-workers and party guests, to the point of getting into petty arguments over trivial matters. If there’s one thing that’s memorable about her in the show’s early run, it’s her constant rivalry with Kyle.

Starr took on the role of Bill Haverchuck in the classic TV comedy-drama Freaks and Geeks. He has also given his talents to the HBO series Silicon Valley.

Ryan Hansen: Kyle Bradway

Megan Mullally, Ryan Hansen and Jane Lynch in Party Down Season 3
Image via Starz

Ryan Hansen He plays Kyle Bradway, an actor, model and leader of the Karma Rocket group. He’s convinced he’s the “total package” and just needs that big break to make it big in Hollywood. However, Kyle is not the most professional member of the Party Down crew, often flirting with guests and pushing boundaries. He is also not known for being a hard worker.

Hansen is best known for his role in the black drama series Dick Casablancas Veronica Mars. He also appeared as Nolan in the horror remake Friday the 13th. In addition, Hansen had recurring roles 2 Broken girls and web series Burning love.

Megan Mullally as Lydia Dunfree

Megan Mullally as Lydia in Party Down Season 3
Image via Starz

Played by Lydia Dunfree Megan Mullally. Recently divorced, she has moved to Hollywood with her 13-year-old daughter Escapade in hopes of getting into the limelight. Lydia is optimistic and naive, often seeking advice from people in the entertainment industry. Despite his lack of experience, he is helpful and kind to his colleagues. When Casey returns to the team after a romantic fling with Henry, Lydia tries to help him deal with working with him again. Also, when Kyle is chasing a woman, Lydia gives him advice. He rarely shows malice towards anyone.

Mullally is best known for her role as Karen Walker on the NBC sitcom Will & Grace. She received eight Primetime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, winning twice in 2000 and 2006. In addition, it has been common in many other TV series, such as In motherhood, Children’s Hospitaland to break.

Jennifer Garner as Evie Adler

Adam Scott Jennifer Garner Party Down
Image via Starz

Jennifer Garner She plays newcomer Evie Adler, a successful film producer who has a relationship with Henry on the rebound. Known for his iconic roles Nickname, From 13:30and more, it’s an exciting new addition to Garner Festival Down throw away

In 2022, Garner played an important role Ryan Reynolds the movie Adam project and appeared in an episode Upload season 2 After Festival DownGarner will appear in the Apple TV+ miniseries He told me the last thing as the main actor

Tyrel Jackson as Williams Sackson

Adam Scott and Tyrel Jackson Williams on Party Down Season 3
Image via Starz

Disney XD alum Tyrell Jackson Williams is joining the series in Season 3, taking on the role of Sackson, an aspiring content creator. talking about the character in one Interview with Screen RantWilliams said what Sackson likes most is her “cockiness and confidence that the world is hers and good things just happen to her.”

Williams is perhaps best known for his roles on the Disney XD show Lab Rats. He has also participated in the comedy series Brockmire.

Zoë Chao as Lucy Dang

Zoe Chao as Lucy in Party Down Season 3
Image via Starz

Zoë Chao rounds out the cast of new leads, playing Lucy, a passionate cook with an artistic spirit. Chao has had a consistently commendable career over the years and is perhaps best known for her roles as Isobel. the unknown and Zoe on Apple TV+ The Afterparty. He will reprise the latter role later this year Afterparty Season 2 will premiere on April 28, 2023.

In addition to these stars, Festival Down Season 3 also appears James Marsden Jack Botty, a recurring character in the superhero franchise who ends up becoming part of the dynamic chemistry of the group for reasons. Unfortunately, Lizzy CaplanPlayed by Casey Klein, he is not reprising his role in the third season due to scheduling conflicts. Casey is a struggling comedian and actor who tends to rebel against authority, especially Ron. At the beginning of the series she was divorced and began dating Henry in order to have a fresh start after her failed marriage.

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