February 22, 2024

A day after teasing the upcoming crime comedy A Day as a Lion With a vibrant poster, Lionsgate has now unveiled the first trailer for the film starring him Scott Caan, JK Simmonsand Frank Grillo. The film centers on Caan’s Jackie Powers, a cash-strapped father who turns to amateur stalking in an effort to pay legal fees for his delinquent son to face trial. The film has been billed as a witty tribute Quentin Tarantino and Coen brothers as the trailer includes a fine mix of drama, comedy and heavy action that is quickly teased.

The trailer opens with Powers receiving specific orders from a mobster as he prepares to take on his first target. The instruction is simple, get the target to pay the money owed to the boss by any means necessary, including killing him. However, it is immediately apparent that Powers is inexperienced and only capable of killing. Not only does he wear a ridiculous mustache in an effort to hide his identity, but he will unknowingly approach the target and start negotiating. Goal, Walter Boggs (Simmons) who is described as a crooked debtor, does not hesitate to consider his terms, as he quickly fires the first shot.


Powers’ failed mission lands him in hotter water as he becomes the new target of mob boss Pauly Russo (Grillo). The boss assigns the mission to another thief, Dom Lorenzo, who is now tasked with hunting down the powers that be on the run. However, the mission at the diner doesn’t go as planned, leading Powers to meet a waitress to con her wealthy dying mother, as the two find themselves cutting a mutually beneficial deal. As the trailer goes, the plot is quite convoluted. Action sequences abound as we see some dead bodies as Boggs and Russo face off in a deadly power play. There is also a light sprinkling of romance and comedy, and given these, A Day as a Lion ticking the right boxes appears as a tribute to the aforementioned authors.

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Scott Caan as One Day Lion
Image via Lionsgate

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The team behind A Day as a Lion

Caan, in addition to being the protagonist, also provided the screenplay for the film. He directed the film John Swab. Includes supporting cast for the film Marianne Rendón, Taryn Manning, George Carrolland an Oscar nominee Virginia Madsen. Roxwell Films’ Jeremy M. Rosen while he functions as a producer, including executive producers Barry Brooker, Stan Wertlieb, Joshua Spector, Viviana Zarragoitiaand to Ali Jazaye.

A Day as a Lion It hits select theaters on April 4th before being available digitally and on demand on April 7th. Watch the trailer and official synopsis for the film below:

Jackie Powers (Scott Caan) is a nice guy, but a vicious stalker sent to take down a crooked debtor (JK Simmons). Escaping the scene Jackie takes the bored waitress Lola hostage. Jackie needs money to get her son out of prison Lola hatches a plan to get money from her dying mother (Virginia Madsen). Meanwhile, a thug sent to kill him is sleeping with Jackie’s ex… This crime comedy, also starring Frank Grillo, is a witty tribute to Tarantino and the Coen brothers.

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