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Robin Williams and it’s his antics, no doubt, that drove it Doubt Mrs. Su To make so much money in 1993 (219 million domestically and over 441 million worldwide). But even Robin Williams gives an iconic performance Doubt Mrs. SuThis is what the audience often doesn’t realize Sally FieldMiranda was the real protagonist of the film, and without her sympathetic portrayal, Doubt Mrs. Su it would not have been so well received or sustained.

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Miranda is a character in her own right in ‘Mrs. fire of doubt’

Sally Fields as Miranda Hillard in Mrs Doubtfire
Image via 20th Century Fox

Miranda Hillard is a successful career woman with three beloved children — Lydia (Lisa Jakub), Chris (Matthew Lawrence), and Nattie (Mara Wilson), – and Daniel (Williams), her supportive husband of 14 years. Daniel finally pushes himself over the edge one day by suddenly quitting his job and throwing his 12-year-old son a huge birthday party he’s not invited to, which leaves the house in disarray. Miranda makes it very hard, but very hard right the possibility of filing for divorce. Miranda cannot continue to be a parent of four children when she only has three. This is obviously the “Mrs. Doubtfire” episode, as Daniel can’t accept reality and has to figure out a way back to his old life by setting up an elderly British nanny – at least that’s what happens in this film version. of the 1987 novel, Nickname Madame Doubtfire.


They are supposed to be a married couple, after all, but it is clear that this has not been the case for a long time. Even older daughter Lydia has noticed enough to start acting as a secondary parent to her younger siblings (eg the way she checks with Chris on how she did on a test, or the way she asks Nattie how her school day was). maybe it’s her way of trying to fill in the cracks in her parents’ marriage to avoid further conflict.

Considering Doubt Mrs. Su First and foremost, it’s a comedic vehicle for Robin Williams, who could have easily left Miranda Daniel as a nuisance and an annoyance who’s only there to get in the way of the fun. But Miranda gets to be her own person from the beginning of the film, thankfully, and clearly comes across as a loving and hardworking mother, always thinking of her children when she tries to bring home some presents and cakes. the office It’s no saint, though, because cutting Daniel’s time with the kids on any given day and verbally belittling everything about his new apartment in front of the kids has a necessary revenge element to them, but he’s only human. These different qualities, positive and negative, are what make him a fully-fledged protagonist in his own right. She’s not an evil witch who has ruined everyone’s lives, nor is she the humble, ever-understanding figure of a person who only exists to be the “Good Parent” to Daniel’s “Bad Parent.”

‘Mrs. Doubtfire has no villains – And that’s a good thing

Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire and Sally Fields as Miranda Hillard as Mrs. Doubtfire.
Image via 20th Century Fox

In fact, no one has entered Doubt Mrs. Su She is portrayed as a true villain or antagonist by standing in the way of Daniel’s wants and desires – neither Miranda nor Stu (Pierce Brosnan), not the judge overseeing custody hearings (who is old, but not evil), or Daniel’s court relation, no one. Everyone come in Doubt Mrs. Su is completely reasonable and understanding, consistently putting the three children first, or at least doing what they think is right for the children. It may not be amusing people, but that’s mostly because they’re just trying to do their jobs and Daniel’s the only one living in a more stupid world of his own making. As for Stu, some would argue that Miranda’s arc involves going from one man to another, but one could argue that she already knew who she was as a person and a mother: she had a successful career of her own. and the only thing he really wanted was a life partner who could help him achieve his future goals, rather than stand in his way. (Or at least he just wanted a chance to have fun with a future Bond, James Bond).

In Miranda’s defense, how could she know that her ex-husband of 14 years was standing in front of Mrs. As Doubtfire – who would ever expect that?! He admits to meeting Mrs. Doubtfire almost instantly, but the idea that Daniel would wait three months out of thin air and ask for joint custody instead of creating a fake British old woman was never thought of. From Miranda’s point of view, she is experiencing a drama about a recently divorced mother of three who gets a second chance with her runaway. In a nice touch, for the end Doubt Mrs. Su, there is no concrete indication that Stu is a thing in their lives these days. It’s not Miranda’s future or her light at the end of the tunnel, it’s just a sign of her newfound independence from her no-longer-in-love husband.

Miranda has a Protagonist Arc in ‘Mrs. fire of doubt’

None of this is to say that Daniel is a terrible person Doubt Mrs. Su, by the way. Daniel and Miranda were just two people in a rut, one he didn’t know he was in, and it had to be Miranda to tell him things needed to change. It’s clear, based on her conversations with Mrs. Doubtfire, that Miranda never really told Daniel the depth of her unhappiness, but it’s also clear that Daniel never thought enough to ask. He couldn’t see a point of view other than his own until he was forced to, and those different points of view, from everyone involved, are surely a big reason. Doubt Mrs. Su he managed to click so well with the audience. The mothers could sympathize with Miranda’s situation, the fathers could understand Daniel’s point of view (or imagine they were the Pierce Brosnan of the situation), and the children had many different ages to see themselves. Wide CityA brilliant tribute to the pinnacle of movie weirdness, a from a rare cameo Doubt Mrs. Su movie alumhow it goes Doubt Mrs. Su It manages to be one of those enduring “fun for all ages” movies that has stuck with generations of kids and will live on as long as there are children of divorce.

The full emotional resolution of the story, after the restaurant, Mrs. The fact that Doubtfire doesn’t exist is due to Miranda’s humanity and understanding. She’s understandably a bit upset, but she decides that her children’s happiness is more important than her frustrations with Daniel and, through off-screen movie magic, manages to make it all work out. Miranda begins the story, makes her own choices, grows as a person, and then resolves the central conflict with her own hands. If these are not the actions of a protagonist who is in charge of his story, then “protagonist” needs to be redefined.

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