February 23, 2024

The opportunity to see “You” through the lens of Love would solve the repetitiveness.

We are then at a kind of crossroads you. The popular Netflix series is between parts 1 and 2 of its fourth season, and while it tries to change the tried-and-true premise that repeated itself in many ways in the first three iterations, it still might not be enough. give the show the freshness it needs. Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), or as we know him this season, Professor Jonathan Moore, remains an intriguing character and remains the most interesting this season, but it remains to be seen if this redirection of being targeted will be enough to sustain him. you going beyond this season. It’s unfortunate that it got to this point, because Joe really was as complex a character as he was, but there are only so many bodies and victims he can rack up that he can go after before it starts to feel unbelievable. you may have missed the mark by killing Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) at the end of Season 3, if it had gone the other way and Love became the main character going forward, it probably would have been the new twist needed to reignite the series.


Love was a very strong character because she was the same as Joe. In all his escapades, there was never a setback necessary to make him feel uncomfortable. That was, until Love came into the picture in Season 2 and gradually became the thing in his life. Watching Joe question everything he knew led to some heartwarming stories between the two. As a viewer, it wasn’t until late in season 2 that it became apparent how much she could be the same as Joe, with some serious demons inside of her just like Joe. It was at that moment you One would have to realize that there was something special about her character, something that deserved to be explored more alongside Joe, but to be explored more deeply with her main role. The opportunity to do a 180 on the show front was there, but unfortunately it came to a fiery end.

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Love has given you new life in seasons 2 and 3

Love Quinn, played by Victoria Pedretti, is seen furiously sharpening a knife in the 'You' season 3 finale.
Image via Netflix

When viewers met Love in Season 2, she stepped into the familiar role of one of Joe’s love interests as viewers met her through the eyes of the protagonist. The two initially went back and forth in their new romance before finally realizing there was something there. Her character was only surface-level in the first half of the season, until the fifth episode, when they are at a wellness retreat where a deeper dive is offered into the love family’s history. This is where the Love-Candace rivalry begins and details of Forty (James Scully) and his childhood abuse, which finally takes another turn later in the season as it is discovered that Love was the one who killed him and Forty’s daycare. The layers of Love’s character begin to peel away and over the course of the next five episodes and Season 3, viewers are given a front-row seat to the edge-of-your-seat stories facilitated by Love.

you It shifts from Joe’s story to Love’s as the show gives the narrative a clue to inject new life. His actions are similar to Joe’s, coming from a twisted rage of passion, as seen in Candace’s murders (Ambyr Childers) and Delilah (Carmela Zumbado). However, there are enough subtle differences in his demeanor, especially in Season 3, that give his character something that Joe can’t offer. She’s able to flip the script on Joe, who ends up alone with him after finding out she’s pregnant, and seeing this new dynamic unfold in season three was a breath of fresh air. Finally, someone was able to stay toe-to-toe with Joe and for much of that season, Love was the driving force. A large part of the plot revolved around his actions in implicating Joe to help cover the trail of Natalie’s murder (Michaela McManus) as he searched for a way out of what he saw as a prison. Imagine if Love had come out victorious in this sick and twisted battle of love in the Season 3 finale – Seeing Love work on her own after her husband’s death would have made for a heartwarming Season 4.

However, you he went in a different direction, or should it be called the same direction, because it was Joe who once again came out on top and made his merry way to London, where he now finds himself in the middle of a murderous ring. Efforts have been made in season four to offer something new, but it may not be enough to give this show the life it needs to keep innovating. We can’t help but wonder what could have been you pull a Game of Thrones and his star stepped in for another character to take up the mantle.

What would ‘You’ be like with love as the protagonist?

Victoria Pedretti: Love Quinn sitting in her garden in You season 3
Image via Netflix

Season 4 could see Love on her own with only Henry by her side, as she leaves him to blame for her husband’s death and figures out a way to blame his death on someone else. We’ve seen Joe do that many times. Having someone else with less experience trying to save a dire situation would make for an intriguing story. Same premise you What was done with Joe could basically be continued because it would be revealed in a new way with a character like Love being on the run. How would a baby do in custody? Would he tell his lonely mother everything he had done? There would be many new ways you It’s hard not to see that it was the right decision to go with love.

The you The Season 4 Episode 2 trailer offers a glimmer of hope that Love didn’t actually die in the Season 3 finale, as unlikely as that might be. The final shot of the trailer shows Love, holding a book in a glass case, saying, “Hi, Joe,” before the shot cuts away. Is there any chance that this isn’t just Joe’s hallucination? It’s likely that someone who was believed to be poisoned escaped from a house explosion, but maybe Love had another play up his sleeve. At the very least, it’ll be nice to see Pedretti back in this world, even if it’s just a supernatural event, because he’ll surely find a way to mess with Joe’s mind and get it.you train back on track.

you Season 4: Part 1 is live on Netflix. Part 2 will be available to stream on March 9th. Check out Love’s surprise appearance in the Part 2 trailer below.

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