February 21, 2024

It’s been a while since your order was last taken, though Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell they are ready to return Good burger 2. The couple announced the sequel in the interview The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount+ also announced that the project is already in full swing: production will begin in May and the film will premiere exclusively on Paramount+ later this year.

Configuration Good burger 2 it was already revealed: in the sequel, Dexter Reed (Thompson) and Ed (Mitchell) meet at a chain of fast food restaurants and meet a funny new employee. Ed, portrayed as Good Burger in the 2019 revival series All that, welcomes Dexter after one of his inventions fails, and he hits rock bottom. Dex starts working on a plan to get him back on his feet, but the problem is that it puts the future of Good Burger in jeopardy.


Kenan Thompson is eager to return Good burger 2

In an official statement, Thompson celebrated greenlighting the sequel and shared his excitement with fans of the franchise:

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“I can’t believe it’s been just over 25 years since Good Burger’s great customer service! It made me so proud to be a part of something so many generations have loved and now to be back where it all started working on the sequel is surreal! I love acting with my brother Kel and I can’t wait to show fans what these characters have been up to since we last saw them.”

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Image via Nickelodeon

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the story of Good burger 2 and What can we expect

Mitchell also had plenty to celebrate, noting that it’s “awesome to come back and continue the stories of Dex, Ed and Good Burger, both for the people who grew up watching it and for their children.” Heads of Nickelodeon and Awesomeness Live-Action Shauna Phelan and Zack Olin teased that the sequel will be full of Easter eggs and cameos, and will celebrate the nostalgia of the original film and series that captivated an entire generation of fans.

The Good Burger segment was originally a comedy show sketch All that, and became one of his most popular segments in the mid-90s. The sketch was then turned into a 1997 comedy film that opened worldwide and catapulted Thompson and Mitchell to fame. Both the sketch and the movie explored the friendship between the focused Dex and the clueless Ed, whose contrasting personalities always made for good jokes.

Paramount+ has yet to announce a release date Good burger 2. You can start anticipating the sequel by watching a trailer for the original film below:

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