February 22, 2024

That’s no secret Keanu Reeves He’s an internet boyfriend. The 58-year-old actor has been around Hollywood since he was 22, so it’s safe to say he’s a stage veteran with the movie pedigree to show for it. Reeves may be best known for his action roles such as Neo Matrix and in John Wick series, but has a much more diverse portfolio. Keanu Reeves is often overlooked as a romantic king, but he deserves much more credit for those leading roles.

One of Reeves’ first roles was in a romance film A Walk in the Clouds, where he plays a very chivalrous and romantic character, Paul Sutton, who falls in love with a woman after defending her from a trail on a bus. After that, we start to see Reeves in other romantic movies like Feeling Minnesota, Sweet November, Something has to give, The Lake Houseand the last Always Be My Maybe. He plays a wide variety of characters, from a workaholic who falls in love with his opposite to a very exaggerated version of himself, showing his full range of characters.


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There’s a reason why Reeves was the internet’s boyfriend and how he seems so genuine in his role as the lead in these romantic movies. His lovable presence in Hollywood makes it easy to root for him in movies like this The Lake House to get the girl He plays the vulnerable and charming protagonist so well that his performances in romantic films stand out, even among his most successful actions. We want a happy ending for him Sweet November, and We want it to be received Something has to give. That kind of admiration seems to have something to do with the great Keanussance and his title Respectful King.

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Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock The Lake House

Keanussance peaked in 2019it was basically a revival of fame and love for Reeves. John Wick 3 It seems to have reignited that interest in Reeves, as well as other films starring the lovable protagonist in 2019. Toy Story 4. Keanussance is nothing more than an internet phenomenon that took him to Twitter, TikTok and news publishing sites that are showing his truly altruistic behavior and how great he is as a human being in general, outside of his acting chops. Videos of Reeves giving up his subway seat to a woman, playing with dogs, and his humble and honest answers to questions from the press make it impossible not to love every aspect of him. This steady and calming presence in Hollywood makes audiences like and believe in his role as the good guy and romantic lead. It’s hard to see a leading man acting cute and romantic on screen, knowing that he’s faced scandals or accusations in the past, but with Keanu Reeves, this is nothing to worry about.

His fame precedes him, until he is nicknamed the King of Respect. This nickname came about when a fan on Twitter noticed that he was putting his hand out when he was taking pictures with female fans. Instead of wrapping his arm around them, he’ll lean in, but he’ll run his hands along their bodies, touching their hips instead of invading their personal space. When talking about his colleagues, personal life and his beliefs, Keanu is always a little vague but tremendous respect. She lives a low-key, drama-free life which very few celebrities can say after more than 35 years in Hollywood.

Keanu Reeves’ last romantic performance

Ali Wong and Keanu Reeves in Always Be My Maybe.

Reeves’ last romantic role is in the film Always Be My Maybe. Keanu is only playing himself, an exaggerated version of himself. The film follows Sasha (Ali Wong) and his childhood best friend Marcus (Randall Park), that kind of friendship that everyone questions why they are not and when they will start. Sasha is a chef who connects with Marcus later in life, and they struggle to re-enter each other’s worlds. Where does Keanu fit into this? She is Sasha’s love interest as she and Marcus try to reconnect. It plays itself out exactly, but kicks it up a notch. Famous scenes like Keanu crying while eating a meal at a restaurant because he’s hearing the screams of the animal he’s consuming feel very Keanu, just an added bonus. We also see him name the coordinator of John Wick’s investigators in the film. Reeves does a great job of playing himself, but knowing that he has to exude sensitivity, weirdness, and compassion to really sell it. His sense of self-awareness in the film knowing that everything he says or does can become a meme or a TikTok makes his performance that much more fun to watch.

The romantic hero you can in Rome

Keanu Reeves and Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give
Image via Sony Pictures Releasing

This is another role of Reeves that deserves more credit when talking about his acting Something has to give. Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson He also stars in this comedy about Harry (Nicholson) and Erica (Keaton) unexpectedly falling in love after the two stay at Erica’s family’s lake house because Harry is dating her daughter Marin (Amanda Peet). Reeves plays Julian Mercer, a cardiovascular doctor who helps Harry when he has a heart attack. Erica and Julian start dating casually and Reeves really shines as the loving, down-to-earth, forgiving love interest. Even when Erica chooses Harry over Julian and then Harry dumps Erica, Julian is still there to pick up the pieces with a loving smile and a warm heart. Unfortunately, Erica chooses Harry in the end despite Reeves making Julian’s seemingly perfect match. Reeves’ passionate performance as Julian angered many viewers as Erica ended up choosing Harry.

The Keanu charm we get in person and in interviews is the same charm he brings to the big screen as a love interest. It is the boyish charm of a rugged looking man with an infectious smile and laugh that captivates audiences. He also values ​​his co-stars and helps them feel safe and heard, so creating on-screen chemistry with his other half is a no-brainer. He is one of his regular protagonists Sandra Bullockand and interview about Reeves it just reinforces that he’s the Good Guy everyone is looking for. Keanu being Keanu is what Hollywood needs, especially as the lead in one of our favorite rom-coms. Reeves is a class act and should be known as more than just an action hero, but also a king of romance.

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