February 21, 2024

It’s safe to say that most horror fans are pretty familiar with the wonderful haunted doll subgenre. Chucky (who made his 1988 slasher debut Children’s Play) and Annabelle (made his first brief appearance in 2013 the conjuration) are perhaps the most prominent and well-known examples. Both have since appeared in their own successful and popular franchises. Not to be overlooked is the chaotic, chaotic, and often light-hearted horror that can come from something as odd as a haunted doll. This year, there’s a new kid on the block. get to know on M3 (or, Model 3 Generative Android). Created by roboticist Gemma, M3GAN is programmed to be a child’s best friend and parent’s helper. Gemma, struggling to care for a simple houseplant, is out of her mind when she unexpectedly gains custody of her niece after the girl’s parents are suddenly killed in a car accident. Thus, he presents his greatest creation to his nephew: M3GAN. Gemm programs M3GAN to act as the child’s permanent protector, and the two quickly form an unbreakable bond. However, it’s not long before you start to notice that doll Gemma is a little too self-conscious…and overprotective.


Allison Williams (the girls) plays Gemma, a roboticist and creator of M3GAN. Violet McGraw (Hill House Haunting) plays Gemma’s niece Cady. Amy Donald (sweet) plays M3GAN Jenna Davis (House of Raven) giving voice. They are to join them Ronny Chieng (Show of the day), Brian Jordan Alvarez (Will and Grace), and Lori Dungey (Power Rangers) in various roles. Read on to learn how to watch sci-fi horror on M3.

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When was M3GAN released?

to film on M3 It was held in the summer of 2021 in Los Angeles (USA) and Auckland (New Zealand). A year and a half later, The M3GANs the world premiere took place in Los Angeles in December 2022. on M3 It opened in theaters everywhere on January 6, 2023, after its initial release on January 13, 2023.

Watch the M3GAN trailer

Universal Pictures has released two trailers on M3 on their official YouTube channel. The first was released on October 11, 2022 and begins with roboticist Gemma recently welcoming her niece Cady into her home. Gemma realizes almost immediately that she is out of her depth, but manages to bond with the grieving girl by presenting the youngster with her proudest creation and “perfect toy” M3GAN. Cady brings M3GAN home, and Gemma explains that the doll is programmed to prevent Cady from being emotionally or physically harmed. Cady and M3GAN quickly form an unbreakable friendship, fitting M3GAN seamlessly into their new family life. Of course, it won’t be long before Gemma begins to notice something out of the ordinary. M3GAN’s strange behavior starts at a young age with occasional comments such as Gemma’s rules for weakening Cady at meals and not turning off when needed. She soon wreaks chaotic havoc on anyone who crosses Cady’s path, with dangerous and deadly consequences. The second trailer was released on December 7, 2022, in which we see M3GAN’s wider personality. Despite the inciting incident where Cady is suddenly and tragically orphaned, it’s clear from the events we’re shown in this second trailer that the film is in no danger of taking itself too seriously. M3GAN’s acts of violence look creative and hilarious, and it would be remiss not to mention those killer dance moves…no pun intended.

Is M3GAN still in theaters?

on M3 it’s still playing in theaters around the world, so if you want to see it on M3 Unleash the carnage on the big screen, but you haven’t had a chance yet, lucky you. That being said, you probably don’t have much time left before the killer robot doll comes out of theaters.

M3GAN performances

You can use the following links to check on M3 Shows and tickets at a theater near you:

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Is M3GAN available for playback?

M3GAN---Everything-We-Know-So Far-Features

If you can’t get enough on M3mark your calendars as the film opens at the Peacock on Friday, February 24, 2023. That’s not all, as the unrated cut of the film will also be streaming on Peacock. on M3 He announced on Twitter:

on M3 It will also be available to purchase and add to your digital library from February 24th along with the “UNRAT3D VERSION”, so if you’re not a Peacock subscriber, that’s an option too.

For those who want on M3 to become a permanent addition to their collection, the film will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on March 21, 2023. You can click the link below to order the Blu-ray from Amazon.

Pre-order on Amazon

Movies similar to M3GAN available for streaming now

Bad (2021): Director and co-director James Wan (also wrote and produced on M3as well as the corrected parts the conjuration and Evil franchises), Bad It follows Madison, an adopted woman who has no memory of her life before the age of eight. When Madison suffers a traumatic head injury she begins to have a disturbing vision of gruesome murders. With the help of her sister, Madison begins to investigate her origins. I like it on M3, Bad It’s a funny, funny horror that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Watch it on HBO Max

Annabelle: Creation (2017): A background Annabelle (2014), Annabelle: Creation explores the chilling beginning of the haunted doll. After the tragic loss of their only daughter, the Mullins open their spacious home to a group of orphans and their guardian, Sister Charlotte. The children are told to stay at home, but are not allowed to enter Mullin’s dead daughter’s bedroom. However, Janice (unable to play outside with others due to polio) gets bored and sneaks into the forbidden room, accidentally unleashing an evil horror.

Watch it on Hulu

Children’s Play (1988): If you’re a horror fan, you’re probably familiar with Chucky, the blueprint for the haunted doll subgenre. Children’s Play it was the first film to feature the iconic red-headed menace. The film begins with serial killer Charles Lee Ray about to be caught. However, a mortally wounded Charles walks into a toy store and transfers his soul into a Good Guy doll with seconds to spare. He is then presumed dead when the police find his body. Later, six-year-old Andy is given a Good Guy doll for his birthday, giving Charles – now living next to Chucky and the doll – the perfect opportunity to resume his reign of terror.

Watch it on HBO Max

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