May 24, 2024

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 4 Episode 1.when coming Love is blind, the drama is usually much lower than that of other reality dating shows. In its first three seasons and multiple specials, there has been no real villain. It would be the closest Cole Barnett from season 3. With season 4 upon us, the first batch of episodes has given us our first real first. Love is blind bad: Irina Solomonova. With reality dating shows, editing can often paint someone in a bad light. That’s something that could tarnish Cole even more. However, with Irina, it’s hard to imagine that the montage could paint her to be the person we see on screen.


after joining Zack Goytowski, Irina did the bare minimum to give their relationship a chance to work. What happened was a pure pair that went off before they even got off the ground. After episode 5, which was the last of the first series, we see Irina and Zack leave while on their honeymoon in Mexico. It was a bumpy ride for both of them, especially Zack, but it was one that gave this series an unsung villain.

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Irina’s Villain Origins began with the Other Girls

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A drama Love is blind it usually never enters living quarters. From time to time there are awkward conversations. Fans can remember the awkwardness between them Amber Pike and Jessica Batten In season 1, as everyone claimed Matthew Barnett. Other than that, there is usually not a large amount of emissions produced by a Mean Girls-esque living arrangement. That’s what unfortunately happened with Irina at home. One of the wildest moments was when he asked Bliss Poureetezadi, who were seen baking cupcakes, Zack could get one to bring in pods for his birthday. Irina had forgotten it was her big day, so she went up to Bliss and asked to borrow a candle so she could take it with her on a date. It was all an awkward exchange that ultimately created a divide in the women’s quarters.

Irina was also too involved in other women’s business. He got close enough for a moment to hear the other contestant sobbing in his heart as he laughed. On other occasions he was seen making remarks about other women and their emotions. It all felt very childish, and something Love is blind usually does not appear. Other reality dating shows thrive on drama between partners like this, but the Netflix series has usually been able to separate itself from the pack by focusing on the couples and not on their ability to care about the villains they play.

Outside the pods, we also saw Irina turn up with her only friend in the house, Micah Lussier. to have been paired with Paul Peden, these two ended up facing some drama on their honeymoon. Micah entertained Kwame Appiah after the two built a connection on the ships, before Micah suggested they each go their separate ways, which caused a break. Chelsea Griffin even for Paul. She ended up engaging in a conversation with Irina, who clearly made a pass at her, which turned Micah on. Not only did Irina’s actions hurt her engagement, but they caused a storyline about Paul and Micah.

Zack never had a chance with Irina

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After meeting these two, there was no hope. We later learn from Irina that she had no interest in him from the moment she met him: “I would have left you as soon as I saw you.” This isn’t the first couple to realize that their pods and soon weren’t compatible. However, these two stand out as the biggest gap Love is blind Season 4 for lack of effort. Zack tried to make things work as best he could in this one-sided venture. Irina, on the other hand, did not give him any chance. He admitted as much in the last interview, before calling out: “You got the worst part of me… I treat you so badly.” She even claimed that he treated her like a “lookalike” while they were on their honeymoon. Self-aware, the damage was already done, and Irina established herself as the season 4 villain.

Their engagement didn’t even make it back to the outbound flight to Seattle. This leaves Zack in a tough spot as he drew the short end of the stick this season. It is likely that Irina will not get a second chance at love, even if she is perfectly prepared The Perfect Match if a second season unfolds. In the final moments of episode 5, Zack hopes that Bliss, a woman he didn’t choose, will give him another chance to see their potential relationship. In the midst of their breakup, we also see Irina mention Bliss and hope Zack gets a second chance. This will be one of the main storylines of the second set of episodes, but how it happened, however, Irina left a trail of destruction in her path. Not only did she make Bliss uncomfortable with the whole cupcakes situation while she was on board, but she pushed Zack so hard to win that it led her to make the wrong decision. All of this is rectifiable, of course, but Irina’s vicious ways in Season 4 were a strange thing to watch. Love is blind. However, it added a new layer to the season, something that this show lacked in the first three chapters.

The first five episodes of the news Love is blind Season 4 is live on Netflix. The next batch of episodes will drop on March 31st, followed by more on April 7th, with the season ending on April 14th.

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