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the world of Game of Thrones it is expanding at an exponential rate. With HBO pursuing many spin-offs, Westeros will soon be as much a universe as any other franchise. But with so much new content on the horizon, the timeline can be confusing. The focus seems to be on the background game of thrones, and after success Dragon’s House, that’s not a surprise. These stories use familiar family names and, perhaps more importantly, have their own source material George RR Martin. The story inside Dragon’s House It is inspired by its Westeros history fire and blood which also provides plot points for the build-up to Aegon’s just-announced conquest. But that is not Martin’s only companion novel A Song of Ice and Fire the series HBO also announced a prequel series, called Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: Hedge Knight, has entered development. This series will be based on Martin’s stories about the characters Dunk and Egg. published together in Knight of the Seven Kingdomsthree stories make up the story that will provide the premise Hedge Knight. With characters and plots already established in the novels, fans can have a good idea of ​​how Hedge Knight It will coincide with the established shows.


Where does ‘The Hedge Knight’ fall in the timeline?

The Hedge Knight II: Sworn Sword book cover
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Many stories in this world center around the main family. The Targaryens held the Iron Throne for hundreds of years before Robert’s Rebellion overthrew it. Although the show is named after Dunk, his partner is an Egg Targaryen and thus the most obvious connection. Dragon’s House With at least one Targaryen playing a central role in every show, it makes the Targaryen family trees easy to place. As background, Hedge Knight it happens before, of course game of thrones, but this story follows Dragon’s House In fact, this would be in the middle of the two, approximately 80 years later Dragon’s House and 90 years before Game of Thrones. Targaryen prominence means that the main characters are related. The egg belongs to Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) great-grandfather and only five generations removed from the leader Dragon’s House Knowing about these two shows helps establish where the world is right now. Hedge Knight It will be after the last dragons have died, but the Targaryen dynasty is still in power.

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How “The Hedge Knight” Connects to “Game of Thrones”

Peter Vaughan: Aemon Targaryen and Ian Mcelhinney Barristan Selmy: Game of Thrones
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Besides the obvious connection of a Targaryen ancestor, Hedge Knight it has many possibilities to tie into the original series. Because the story is not that far Game of Thrones like the others, there is also an overlap of characters, although, according to the original series, they are old. Most notably Egg’s brother, who abdicates the throne for being a master, rather than Master Aemon (Peter Vaughan), who befriends Jon Snow (Kit Harington) on the wall. Aemon will play a part in the series, as the short stories include a visit to the Citadel and it is Aemon who measures Dunk’s great height. Aemon takes over the Night’s Watch to strengthen Egg’s claim to the Iron Throne, as he would have inherited it before his brother. And Dunk takes it to the Wall. While it is not yet clear how far into their lives they have entered Hedge Knight dare he, Aemon has been alive since the beginning.

Another character to appear is a young Walder Frey (David Bradley). Even if the criminal enters game of thrones, Dunk and Egg encounter him when he’s only a child, but he’s still said to be annoying. Walder’s sister’s wedding is the backdrop for an important part of Dunk and Egg’s story, so baby Walder will probably be seen at some point. Some theorize that Winterfell’s nanny, Old Nan (Margaret John), could appear. He tells stories of Ser Duncan and has an unusually tall great-grandson. Also, one of Bran’s (Isaac Hempstead Wright) visions show him with a knight matching Dunk’s description. Although Dunk hasn’t made it to Winterfeller in the short stories, Martin plans to write more installments…someday.

Other notable characters tie into Dunk and Egg’s story later, so depending on how long the show lasts, they may make it on screen. An example is Barristan Selmy (Ian McElhinney), in a tournament where he defeats an older Dunk at only sixteen years old. Olenna Redwyne, later Olenna Tyrell (Diana Rigg), almost marries one of Egg’s sons. Although these two don’t appear when they cross paths with the heroes in real life, because close relatives could easily appear.

What is happening during this period?

Daemon Blackfyre A Song of Ice and Fire movie

With no dragons to speak of, it may not be the brightest moment in Westeros history, but the time period has plenty of conflict for its show. Dunk’s story takes place after the First Blackfyre Rebellion, and the landscape of Westeros is still divided by the war. With many other Blackfyre Pretenders trying to take the throne, the world is full of secret alliances, and no one can be sure who to trust. The Blackfyre Rebellions pitted the different factions of the Targaryens against each other, as in the year Dragon’s House The Blackfyres are the legitimized bastard bloodline of King Aegon IV, who believe they should inherit the throne, as Daemon Blackfyre was older than his Targaryen half-brother. When Daemon Blackfyre loses the First Blackfyre Rebellion, his descendants do not give up.

A number of Blackfyre Rebellions take place, some within the timeline of the story. These conflicts will be at the center of political intrigue, but for the most part, this is not a time for open warfare. However, tensions are high due to mistrust and the potential for war. During this time period the Great Spring Disease spreads throughout Westeros. There is also plenty of drama in the royal family as the crown passes four brothers before reaching Egg’s father. Egg himself is the youngest of four brothers, meaning his cousins ​​and brothers were higher in the line of succession. However, unfortunate circumstances lead to Egg becoming king, meaning there are many Targaryen deaths throughout the story. While the show’s conflict won’t be the same as other shows in the franchise, there’s plenty of it and variation will be established. Hedge Knight separately

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