February 21, 2024

Editor’s Note: Contains spoilers for The Last of Us Episode 6 and major spoilers for The Last of Us Part II.This week’s episode The last of us“Kin” was heartwarming throughout, but it may have also introduced an important character for the future of the show: Staring Girl, played. Paolina Van Kleef. Doesn’t it ring a bell? What if we were to say, very briefly what we see looking at Ellie (Bella Ramsey) as he and Joel (Peter Pascal) when he arrived in Jackson, he was only Ellie’s girlfriend The last of us II, Dina? Of course, by now the showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann we’ve already started to avoid the topic, but we can dream, can’t we?


As Season 1 of the HBO adaptation begins its final act, people are starting to wonder what Season 2 is all about. The last of us it can really look like, beyond the main guidelines and storyline of the game. Joel and Ellie finally arrive in Jackson to find Tommy (Gabriel Luna) well settled and living in a self-sufficient commune, the future begins to look a little brighter for our dynamic couple, with the possibility of a peaceful life after the journey is over. For Ellie, Dina plays a key role in how that life will play out, and we may have just gotten our first glimpse.

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Who is Dina in the Sequel game?

Paolina Van Kleef plays the Staring Girl potentially as Dina in The Last of Us
Image via HBO

Right at the beginning The last of us II, a party sequence sees Ellie dancing with a girl and makes all the boys freak out and jealous. That girl was Dina, played Cascina Caradonna and voice Shannon Woodward. She becomes Ellie’s girlfriend when the two go on a routine patrol mission the next day and stop at an abandoned library in a blizzard. In the original game, we play mostly from Joel’s perspective, with Ellie following close behind to provide backup and support. In the sequel, however, Ellie is now the main playable character, backed up by Dina.

Not much is known about Dina’s story before moving to Jackson, except that she was an orphan and had an older sister named Talia, who had been killed a few years earlier. Shortly before the events of the sequel game, she was in a relationship with Jesse (Stephen Chang), and the two had a child together, baby JJ. When Abby Anderson is the antagonist (Laura Bailey) and the Washington Liberation Front kill Joel in revenge for her father’s death, Dina follows Ellie to Seattle to seek her revenge.

Dina is Ellie’s main moral compass in the game’s narrative, albeit initially flawed. Just like in the original game, we see Ellie and Joel grow as characters, the same thing happens II. the part with Dina He admits that he has vengeful feelings towards the people who killed his sister, so he joins Ellie on her path of destruction. As the game progresses, however, Dina gains a new understanding of what is truly important in life, especially when she learns that she is pregnant with Jesse’s child.

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Does it make sense to introduce Dina now?

Dina and Ellie sitting next to each other in The Last of Us Part II
Image via Naughty Dog

Imagine you’ve just been trekking across half the country with raiders and Clickers trying to catch them from all directions. You have to keep your guard up at all times, and pretty strong. One day, you finally reach a safe place, this small community with plenty of food and supplies, so you feel safe for the first time. It’s hard to let your guard down after spending so much time in the desert, though, so when you’re having your first proper meal in a long, long time and someone is watching you from behind a pillar, you snap and attack. in them

This is how Ellie and Dina’s relationship started in the series, but it’s not that different in the games. In The last of us II, there’s a scene that recalls Dina and Ellie’s first moments in Jackson, and Ellie reveals that she was “overwhelmed by all the food.” “I remember my first week gorging myself. It was like putting food in every pocket and then running out,” he tells Dina, and “I’ve seen that!” So there are pretty strong grounds for fans to theorize that the Staring Girl is Dina, as Neil Druckmann himself admits. Our Last Podcastbecause the moment the two characters remember in the game is very similar to the one in the show.

The Last of Us Episode 6 Pedro Pascal Bella Ramsey
Image via HBO

One of the main points the HBO series has made all season so far is that it’s more than just an adaptation, it’s also its own story. For the original material, Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank’s (Murray Bartlett) Kathleen’s Addition Story (Melanie Lynskey) and the Kansas City Raiders. So drifting is not a problem, and the series has been the most effective at doing this. This is exactly the kind of freedom we expect writers and creators to take with their stories, and here we know it will be done naturally and effectively, if it were true. For example, Ellie breaking up with the girl is a natural response that anyone would have in that moment, and it’s also a fun way to build a lead. II. the part left us

By now, if the Staring Girl proves to be Dina, that’s nothing more than an Easter egg as the show heads into its final three-episode arc. Bringing in a character of future importance would be an interesting way to set up future days for Ellie, as well as Joel, when they settle down in Jackson once the whole journey is over. It would also be a way to appeal to fans and keep them hooked during the months (or years?) that we will go without news. The last of us content on television. Giving a possible look at Dina is a powerful way that Mazin and Druckmann have found to promise that this new story will pay off even more than what Season 1 offered (a lot already).

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