February 22, 2024

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Criminal Minds: Evolution.In the first season of Paramount+ Criminal minds: evolutionour favorite and beloved profiles — San Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and Matt Simmons (Daniel Henney) – will return to the CBS long-running drama three years after the series finale. Over the break, there have been dramatic changes in the Behavior Analysis Unit, including Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) Section Chief and David Rossi’s promotion (Joe Mantegna) filling his shoes as the band’s leader while grieving his late wife.

As the team battles FBI bosses who want to shut down the BAU, like Deputy Director Bailey (Nicholas D’Agosto), are also tasked with finding the most notorious serial killer they have ever encountered: Elias Voit (Zach Gilford). But, this isn’t easy, especially since Voiten is on the run and the FBI is closing the investigation and trying to bankroll the BAU every five minutes.


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What is Voit’s story about “Criminal Minds: Evolution”?

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Throughout the season, Criminal minds: evolution gives us a more detailed look at a serial killer than ever before with Voit. We follow him as one of the main characters next to the profiler, where during the pandemic he is forced to deal with those chosen to join his network of online killers, who have become obstacles to capture. (Unsurprisingly, serial killers aren’t great at following directions. Who’d have thought?) Midway through the season, after taking down or killing others in the network, the story shifts to Voit desperately trying to find one. pull it out and remove BAU from the tail. This is complicated by his family, especially his wife Sydney (played by Gilford’s real-life spouse). Kyle Sanchez) who has started asking questions and becoming suspicious of his absences and shady behavior. It all culminates in the final two episodes when Rossi finds Voit, Voit takes Rossi hostage and locks him in an underground storage container, and then Voit tries to escape with his family by cutting a deal to save Rossi in exchange for the season’s freedom. the final

As you might expect, however, Voit is caught and Rossi is spared, but it remains to be seen whether Voit will be convicted of his crimes and spend his life behind bars. This is because Voit knows something called the “Gold Star”, which Voit introduces into the conversation in a phone call, confusing Director Bailey for the Attorney General (Monnae Michaell) and legal counsel Rebecca Wilson (Nicole Pacent). They agree to let Voit go so as not to divulge this secret, but circumstances turn out to be different than expected, and Bailey is left alone to face Voit and his family in a remote location. Bailey tries to make a deal, but Voit shoots him in the head before taking him to Quantico. After finding Ross, Voit is taken to a floor of the FBI building, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, after all occupants have been removed. As someone clearly high-ranking, given the floor spread and the confidential nature of Gold Star, enters the interrogation room where he is being held, the episode fades to black.

More of Voit in Season 2? No thanks

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In the end, it’s clear that the series intends to continue to focus on Voit, which has since been confirmed in several interviews with the showrunners. Erica Messer. Frankly, this is a mistake. In the first season, Voit’s story is explored in depth, and the well has dried up since the end. His world was crumbling around him. The network was broken, and the FBI finally caught up with his exploits. What made Voit special, as the series points out, is his family and his love for them, which most serial killers lack the ability to love. Voit worked really hard to keep his life safe, hoping his wife and daughter would never know the truth. But, they did, and he would have killed his wife if he had loaded the gun and Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez) did not enter the room at the right time. Because without his family, there’s no way he’s going to keep them around for another season unless he watches Voit bully and bully him, there’s nothing to do. Voit’s past is brought to light, except as Voit continues to kill people and the FBI continues to evade the BAU’s takedown. Nobody wants that.

While it’s unclear what will happen to Voit in another season, it’s likely that he will be fired. Because of his knowledge of the Gold Star, the Attorney General was willing to let Voit walk before it all happened, even though he outnumbered fifty people. Regardless of the Gold Star, it’s important enough to be a trade trooper that Voit can use to get what he wants. To keep Voit around would be to let him roam and have the profiles on his trail with more bureaucratic interference. The mystery surrounding the Gold Star is interesting, but this performance is infuriating to watch and much of the first season seems pointless. Capturing Voit aka Sicarius and taking down his network of serial killers was presented as a way for the BAU to prove their worth to the FBI (yet again) and get free form to continue taking cases as a team. During the pandemic, they were forced to split into micro-units to take on multiple cases at once, completely breaking what the BAU had always said. They fought like hell to continue investigating Sicarius, only to continue working on their own when the Attorney General shut him down. However, despite being right on several occasions and working hard to catch a mass murderer, they are not getting the attention they deserve and continue to be unable to do their job due to powerful forces above them. He’s tired, and it’s preventing his revival from being as thoroughly enjoyable as the previous one.

In short, there isn’t enough material for Voite to continue to be a thorn in the BAU’s side for another season. It will hurt the show. His story felt like it was dragging on a bit at the end of the first season, and there’s no way to avoid that feeling going into another season where he remains a villain. Seeing the BAU continue to shrink, and the work their bosses spit out is not what we’re seeing. Criminal minds for Frankly, it’s not worth sitting through all of that again for another season because the writers – like us – love Zach Gilford. Friday Night Lights.

each episode of Criminal minds: evolution It’s streaming now on Paramount+.

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