February 21, 2024

Big Tourism It is the latest in a series of video game adaptations planned by Sony Pictures and PlayStation Studios. Given the financial success of $400 million Tom Holland-Led the unknown movie, another video game movie is an easy call. Based on the video game of the same name, Big Tourism It will join a range of PlayStation exclusives from consoles to live action, including major titles such as the zombie survival game. Days Gone, and mythological epic, God of War.

Fans of the racing game series recently played it Gran Turismo 7 On PS5, including a free update to PSVR 2. With a live-action movie coming soon, gamers and moviegoers alike will be able to experience the franchise like never before. Here’s everything we know about Sony’s coming-of-age sports biographical drama, Big Tourism.

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What is the Gran Turismo release date?

Big Tourism It will be released in theaters earlier than planned. Sony Pictures will release the film on August 11, 2023. The film will be released in theaters only. the movie It faces stiff competition on its release date. Also, going to the theaters is a sports drama Challengers, protagonist Zendayaand Dracula adaptation, Demeter’s last journey.

Check out the Gran Turismo Sneak Peek

On January 5, 2023, Sony released a precursor Big Tourism the film that included the first clip from the photo. The film is about more than racing and the rush that comes with it. You can watch the exclusive preview here:

The preview successfully builds anticipation for this Sony-PlayStation collaboration, featuring the film’s main cast in racing gear and explaining the film in their own words. We also get to see the race cars and behind-the-scenes footage of the movie. Hopefully fans will get the full trailer soon!

What is Gran Turismo about?

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Sony has planned Big Tourism to be a biographical coming-of-age sports drama. That’s why Big Tourism video game series is about driving and racing, the source material does not feature any characters or story. Sony is smart about retelling the PlayStation Studios brand of Jann Mardenborough real life story Here is the official synopsis of the film:

Based on the true story of Jann Mardenborough, it’s the ultimate dream-fulfillment story of a teenage Gran Turismo player whose gaming skills won him a series of Nissan competitions to become a real professional race car driver.

The film will explore Mardenborough’s life, not just his career as a racing car driver, but also romantically. He took part in the Mardenborough Gran Turismo Academy competition, beating 90,000 other entrants to become the tournament’s third and youngest champion. He was rewarded with the opportunity to represent Nissan at the Dubai 24 Hours, winning numerous Nissan events and making a living as a professional race car driver. The film will explore his life, which is intended to add a little romance.

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Who is in the cast of Gran Turismo?

Archie Madekwe He will represent Jann Mardenborough, the main character of the film. The young actor is best known for his roles in the cult horror classic Midsummer From the A24 and Apple TV+ series see (2019-2022). He will also be part of it Heart of Stonethe Netflix movie that will be released on the same date Big Tourism. Geri Halliwell (The Spice Girls) Daniel Puig (Naomi) will portray Jann’s mother and brother, respectively.Academy Award Nominated Actor Djimon Hounsouknown for his roles in america and Blood Diamond, will play the role of Jannen’s father. Hounsou has appeared in films of all genres, including superhero films Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvelhas Shazam movies, Aquamanand Black Adam. Hounsou has also played important roles in the films of the franchise Anger 7, A quiet place II, How to train your dragon 2and The King’s Man. He has also participated in many award-winning films, among others friendship and gladiator. on the side Big Tourismit will also be seen later this year Zack Snyderscience fiction epic Rebel Moon.David HarbourKnown as Jim Hopper Stranger Things, Jann will appear as Mardenborough’s coach, Jack Salter. He has been a part of popular films like David Harbour Equalization, Suicide Squad, extractionand Marvel’s Black window. He will next be seen in the 2024 MCU film the thunderReprising the role of Alexei Shostakov.

Danny Moore, Director of Motorsports Marketing, will be featured Orlando Bloom. Bloom has appeared in many film series, among others Lord of the Rings, the hobbit, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Fans will also see a top GT Academy driver, Matty Davis, who is threatened by Jann’s success. Darren Barnet (I’ve never never) will represent this antagonist.

In addition to the previous main characters, the film has a long list of actors. Among them are Josh Stradowski (Nicholas Capa), Richard Cambridge (Felix), Geri Horner (Lesley Mardenborough), Emelia Hartford (Leah Vega), Maeve Courtier-Lilley (Audrey); Selin Cuhadaroglu (Sarah Eaton) and Anto Sharp (Unknown name today). Nikhil Parmar, Andrea Vasiliou, Harki Bhambra, Maximilian Mundt and Mariano González in the film they are also unknown actors, in small roles.

Who is the creative team behind Gran Turismo?

gran tursimo bts
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Neill Blomkamp is correcting Big Tourism with a script Jason Hall and Zach Baylin. They are among the producers of the film Doug Belgrad, Josh Bratman, Asad Qizilbash, Carter Swan, Dana Brunetti, Elizabeth Cantillon, and Devon Franklin. to film Big Tourism In Hungary it started in November 2022 and was collected at the end of December 2022 Jacques Jouffret working as a cinematographer. In September 2022, Stephen Barton it was confirmed that he was composing the film’s score. Terry Anderson is behind the unique costume designs, and Martin Whist provided production design.

The production houses involved with the film are Columbia Pictures, PlayStation Productions, Trigger Street Productions and 2.0 Entertainment. Big Tourism It will be distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing on August 11, 2023.

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