February 21, 2024

‘Dogma’ played with the real-life friendship and natural chemistry of the two actors.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon the best works they have done together. Not only are they two of the best actors working today, but they are also excellent screenwriters, having written an award-winning script. One Will Hunt as well Ridley Scottmedieval epic The Last Duel. And they have also participated in some films together, including the upcoming sports biopic Air. (This will also be Damon’s first time in a film directed by Affleck.) However, there is one film that benefits the most from their collaboration: dogma.

Written and edited by the author Kevin Smith, dogma Affleck and Damon appear as the angels Bartleby and Loki, who were thrown from heaven and are looking for a way back. On the trip, the abortion clinic worker Bethany gets in the way (Linda Fiorentino), as well as the robust Jay stoners (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith). And for good reason: if Bartleby and Loki are able to return to Heaven, they will effectively prove that God’s word is not infallible, and destroy everything that has ever existed.


Damon and Affleck are naturals at Black Comedy

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dogma It splits between Bartleby and Loki’s quest to attend an absolution ceremony (see End of Existence) and Bethany’s journey with Jay, Bob, and other characters in the “Voice of God” journey with Metatron (see).Alan Rickman). It is the former that provides much of the impetus of the narrative, as the two angels embark on various misdeeds during their travels. And they provide a great contrast to each other: Bartleby is calmer, while Loki wants to start one last righteous kill before entering the pearly gates again. This leads to one of the film’s funniest moments, where Loki kills the entire board of directors of the fictional fast food chain Mooby’s, while Bartleby sits in the corner and reads a comic.

What makes scenes like this work is Damon’s comedic timing and Affleck’s incredible reactions. Like the trickster god his character is named after, Damon delights in spreading chaos. A key example is when he convinces a nun to become an atheist, using Alice in Wonderland as an example of all things. Affleck takes it all in stride as he is more focused on his mission. But that changes when they find out what the consequences of their actions will be. Bartleby completely flies off the handle, angry at the way God has treated them. “These people have defiled everything he gave them,” he said. “They were given paradise – they threw it away. They were given this planet – they destroyed it.” In contrast, Loki is immediately horrified to learn that his former friend is headed down the same path as Lucifer. That Damon and Affleck are able to switch temperaments on a dime is a testament to their talent, as well as to Smith’s storytelling prowess.

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‘Dogma’ is an exploration of Faith

Ben Affleck as Bartleby in Dogma.

Through Bartleby and Loki (as well as Bethany, Jay and Silent Bob), Smith is able to explore the concept of faith and how it guides our lives. Bethany reveals that she lost her faith in God long ago due to the miscarriage and the death of her husband, and the revelation that she belongs to Jesus Christ (or at least one of her siblings) is initially exaggerated. But with the encouragement of his strange group of friends, he manages to continue his quest. And Azrael the devil (Jason Lee) encourages Bartleby and Loki’s quest because he believes humans are worth killing. What’s more, it reveals that Hell is not the fire and brimstone pit that popular belief has made it out to be; mankind did so because of their inability to accept sin.

In the end, both Bartleby and Loki accomplish their goals: Bartleby kills his friend when Loki becomes mortal, but he dies when he succumbs to the voice of God himself (Alanis Morrisette). Before he dies, Bartleby breaks down in tears and apologizes. And none of it would have worked without Affleck or Damon. Both are the agents between dogmaand we hope to bring that same effort Air.

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