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Editor’s note: Spoilers for episode 8 of Daisy Jones and The Six.Daisy (Riley Keough) by Nicky (Gavin Drea) would keep him grounded on tour, but the truth is that no one can get in the way of his chemistry and rivalry with Billy Dunne (Sam Claflin). In Daisy Jones and the Six Episode 8, Daisy reunites with The Six to rehearse and get ready to take the show on the road. However, it becomes clear that she and Billy can’t see eye to eye on anything. Their love/hate relationship becomes a recipe for disaster as Aurora goes on tour, and drugs get out of hand. While Nicky tries to support his wife behind the scenes, he doesn’t notice that her battle with addiction is slowly getting worse. The only person who seems to care about her well-being is the same person who can’t bear to play next to her every night.


Getting the Show on the Road

Sam Claflin, Sebastian Chacon and Riley Keough in Episode 8 of Daisy Jones and The Six
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In episode 8, “Looks Like We Made It”, the Six are in the studio rehearsing for their Aurora tour, but are worried that Daisy won’t show up. To their surprise, she enters the studio with her husband by her side ready to tour. Almost certain that Daisy won’t be back, Billy is caught off guard when he comes to rehearsals trying to make adjustments to the set list. The news about Nicky increases his frustration that, beneath his pride, he doesn’t feel jealous of Daisy being with another man.

Before the group leaves for the tour bus, they welcome Rodri (Timothy Olyphant) as Aurora tour manager. During their first meeting with him, Daisy and Billy talk about having hotel suites on different floors, private buses, green rooms, etc. Although it is not common for artists or groups like Daisy Jones & The Six to accept all their demands, success allows them to fulfill all their wishes.

Billy and Daisy’s public rivalry becomes spectacular

Sam Claflin and Riley Keough Daisy Jones and The Six Episode 8
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The band’s first show is in Albuquerque, and even though Daisy missed most of the rehearsals before the live concert, everything is going well. While the shows take place at night, Billy and Daisy have to do their fair share of press appearances during the day. At the press conference, reporters are eager to hear the meaning behind the songs or quotes from the controversial Rolling Stone story. Instead of answering the questions, Billy always walks away from them while Daisy tries to answer them honestly. This only goes to show that the two are not on the same page, and that is no secret to anyone in the public eye. However, their bickering always ends when they deliver electrifying performances on stage.

While on the road, Billy doesn’t indulge in drugs or alcohol like he did on The Six’s first tour. Daisy, Graham (Will Harrison), Karen (Suki Waterhouse), Eddie (Josh Whitehouse), and Warren (Sebastian Chacon) wants to party after the shows, he’s left alone in his private tour bus. Billy only agrees to go to a party when Camila (Camila Morrone) comes to visit, and yet he always refuses an alcoholic drink. At the party Camila goes to, she talks to Eddie for the first time since episode 6 for drinks (and they did other things). Although he doesn’t regret their past trip, he says it won’t happen again.

Daisy’s addiction leads her to Rock Bottom

Riley Keough in Daisy Jones and The Six Episode 8
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With many dates on the tour, Daisy begins to notice that she no longer feels that her relationship with her husband is bringing her all the joy she desires. As she navigates multiple soundchecks and live gigs, Daisy becomes increasingly dependent on drugs to get by. The side effects start when he starts to mix up the lyrics, he faints on stage and he even has to throw up cocaine in the middle of a performance to keep his energy up. Billy turns out to be the only person who is truly concerned about his condition, as he went through a similar situation the last time he was on the road. She also tells Nicky about Daisy’s addiction, but her husband does not acknowledge Billy’s contribution because he thinks Billy is jealous of Daisy’s talent and happiness.

Instead of being attentive to Daisy and helping her overcome her addiction, Nicky encourages her to use drugs even more. During one of the group’s performances, Daisy walks on stage and hurts her knee. Billy takes her backstage to tend to her wound and advises her to stop performing for the rest of the night, but she refuses to listen. Not only does he get behind the mic, but he starts singing “Look At Us Now” (which wasn’t included in the shortlist). This performance decision helps Daisy achieve what she wants, which is to show her partner that she does not need him to be successful and that his comments are not important to her.

Sam Claflin and Riley Keough Daisy Jones and The Six Episode 8
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As he returns to his room and gets even more drunk on coke, Billy decides to kick Daisy out of the group for her behavior. When he knocks on the hotel door, Nicky opens it and tells him that everything is fine with his wife, although he is not telling the truth. Billy forces Nicky to open the door fully to check what happened and by the time he sees Daisy lying on the floor and not breathing, the leader is horrified and hugs her. While trying to wake her up, Nicky acts like a coward and packs all his things as quickly as possible to escape the situation instead of making sure his wife is alive. As her husband runs away, Daisy slowly opens her eyes and says the phrase “It’s you” to Billy.

The dramatic conclusion of this episode marks a rebirth between Daisy and Billy because despite all their struggles, they care for each other. While Daisy believed in episode 7 that marrying her Nicky would allow her to be emotionally attracted to Billy, episode 8 reveals that Billy is the only person who cares for her in a way that deserves to be cared for.

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