February 22, 2024

The citadel has just been renewed for a second season on Prime Video, according to The The Hollywood Reporter. This is ahead of the series premiere on April 28 on the streaming network. The action-packed sci-fi series has been an expensive endeavor for the streaming service, and the tentative renewal of the series for a second season certainly shows Amazon’s confidence in the series.

The series comes from the Russo Brothers, who have worked on such projects before Avengers: Infinity War. The citadel It has been in the works since 2018 and was originally billed as a “multi-layered international event series” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Series plans include a local language spin-off series in Spain, Mexico, the Italian Alps and India. Collider reported on the seemingly grim and expensive drama behind making this ambitious project happen. The budget for the first season was originally $160 million, but reruns added $75 million to the total. This drama hasn’t deterred Amazon from renewing the series, however, even though the show hasn’t premiered yet.


The citadel the stars Priyanka Chopra and Game of ThronesRichard Madden Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh as Citadel agents. The series focuses on a defunct independent spy organization called the Citadel and examines agents who worked for the agency in a previous life. The series explores the agents in their new lives as they try to bring the team back from the dead, and a first look at this ambitious premise was revealed in a recent trailer, as we previously reported.

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There’s a lot going for the series, which is the second most expensive show ever made, behind Prime Video’s other large-scale series project, Rings of Power. Collider reports on the long-awaited epic fantasy series, and how its ambitious plans to bring Amazon Studios the show it’s never seen before have paid off. However, Prime Video has not managed to capture widespread pop culture like other epic series. Dragon’s House be

The news of the series’ renewal comes after the series made its official debut at the South by Southwest festival. It has not yet been announced how many episodes the second season will have. The first season will have six episodes. You can watch the trailer for the series below.

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