April 13, 2024

It seems Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre are putting their past behind them as the pair will work together in a new comedy titled How to have a book service. according to DeadlineSheen will have a recurring role and will be the main character of the series Sebastian Maniscalco. The show’s protagonist, who made a career out of being a bookie, finds himself fighting against the legalization of sports gambling. Along with this, he will have to deal with family problems, unstable clients, stressed colleagues and a lifestyle that will not let him rest.

Sheen and Lorre worked together for eight years on the hit CBS comedy series, Two and a half men. In that show, Sheen played Charlie Harper, a wealthy jingle songwriter who enjoyed his bachelor life in his Malibu beach house. Everything changes for his brother, Alan (Jon Cryer), goes through a complicated divorce, forcing her to move into Charlie’s house. Along with his son, Jake (Angus T. Jones), Alan proves to be a challenge for Charlie, who has become very used to having his space all to himself. Sheen was part of the show for the first eight seasons until his character’s untimely demise.


Due to a falling out after Sheen made some unfortunate comments about Lorre in public, the couple was embroiled in a heavy legal process, which included a massive lawsuit. Warner Bros. and the showrunner. The split would result in the actor being fired Two and a half menwith Ashton Kutcher replacing him in an entirely new role. Within the universe of the series, Alan and Jake continued to live with the new protagonist, named Walden, and although Charlie was eventually mentioned by other characters, Sheen did not appear in the comedy again.

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Charlie Sheen holding the TV remote in Two and a Half Men
Image via CBS

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A second chance for Sheen and Lorre

Even if Two and a half men After Charlie Sheen’s departure, it ran for another four seasons, the show’s ratings were not as good as before, and the conclusion of the series was very disappointing for fans. However, it seems that there is now water under the bridge for the couple, and How to have a book service will be included in a spin-off of Big Bang Theory Max’s extensive comedy catalog. Lorre also created the main series, about a group of friends with a strong penchant for comics and a distinct lack of social skills.

While you wait for more news to be revealed How to have a book serviceyou can watch an official clip Two and a half men Starring Charlie Sheen, below:

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