May 17, 2024

Before the days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DCU, Crow it was one of the great superhero movies that really spoke to audiences. Director Alex ProyasThe 1994 film was based on it James O’Barr1989 graphic novel of the same name. Brandon LeeThe son of legendary martial arts icon Bruce Lee and a martial artist himself defeated more established actors. Phoenix River and Christian Slater Erik Draven for the lead role of the undead avenger. But on March 31, 1993, tragedy struck while Lee was filming the scene where his character was killed, he was seriously injured because the gun was actually loaded with live cartridges as planned. Lee died days before the film’s production was completed, and the producers made the difficult decision to end the film with a stunt double and digital effects.


Crow It was first a critical and box office hit, then a cult classic. The dark surreal world creates an alternate reality dystopia shot entirely on set, where anything, including a man resurrected by a crow takes revenge on the gang that killed him and his fiancee. But what really balances it out is the emotional barrage that underlies the film—mainly pain and loss. Lee’s performance is physical and visceral; the movie would make him a star. Instead, when Draven is shot and killed, we shudder with unease at how closely the character’s death mimics the actor’s.

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Although the film was a success, the three sequels or television adaptations did not capture Lee’s charisma or the dark beauty and sadness of the 1994 film. Producers have been trying to get a Crow years of reboots from the ground up, with multiple actors coming and going from the lead role. And now it looks like they’re finally getting it. Here’s what we know about the new one Crow movie so far.

Endless problems

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Who is the star of The Crow?

Bill Skarsgård He steps into Lee’s terrifying shoes to play the doomed avenger Eric Draven. It may not be possible to recreate the physical charisma that Lee brought to the role. That said, Skarsgård has proven to be a versatile actor capable of playing a variety of roles, including Pennywise. It films and most recently Marquis Vincent de Gramont John Wick: Chapter 4. Skarsgard’s other credits include the barbarian, The devil all the time, the eternal ones, Castle Rock, Atomic Blondeand Nine Days. Next, the immortal count himself will be the director Robert Eggers‘coming Nosferatu and is playing the leading role in the dystopian action Boy Kills World. So perhaps Skarsgård is an unusual choice to play one of pop culture’s most iconic goth icons.

Before Skarsgard took center stage, several other actors were seen in the lead role over the years, Mark Wahlberg, Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, James McAvoy, Tom Hiddleston, Alexander Skarsgård, Luke Evans, Sam Witwer, Jack Huston, Nicholas Hoult, Jack O’Connelland Jason Momoa. Momoa even stepped out in make-up as Draven, with surprising results.

British singer and songwriter FKA Branches She will be Draven’s fiancee, Shelley. Although best known for her music, Twigs appeared in the 2019 drama Honey Boy. Casting a familiar face like Shelley suggests a departure from the original movie and graphic novel, where Draven’s fiancée dies early in the story and only appears in brief, romantic flashbacks. But with Twigs in the role, viewers are probably right that Shelley will have a bigger role than ever in the upcoming remake.

Several other actors were seen over the years before Twigs was chosen Kristen Stewart and Jessica Brown Findlay.


Character actor Danny Huston (Game Night), is also in the cast, although it is not yet clear what his character is. But given Huston’s history of playing villains in films like Wonder Woman and 30 night daysHuston may be playing Draven’s killer and ultimate target.

Isabella Wei (1899) is also in the cast playing the role of Zadie.

Forrest Whitaker, Andrea Riseboroughand Norman Reedus were attached to the film playing the female version of Riseborough Top Dollar and the character known as Reedus James.

What will The Crow Reboot be?

In the graphic novel and the original movie, Eric Draven and his bride Shelley are attacked by a group of barkers. Shelley is raped, and they are both killed. But soon, Draven is resurrected by a mysterious raven and given mysterious powers to seek revenge against the men who killed him and his bride. So while the new film has been billed as a “modern reimagining” of the characters and story, it will likely recreate these central events from the 1994 film and graphic novel.

Who is behind the Crow reboot?

Rupert Sanders on the set of Ghost in the Shell
Image via Paramount Pictures

in 2008 Stephen Norrington (Shovel) was the first of many filmmakers he would write and direct Crow reboot with Relativity Media behind the film rights and financing. the musician Nick Cave they were later brought in to rewrite the script. After Norrington left the project in early 2011, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) and F. Javier Gutiérrez (The rings) were the first to take the lead of the project and get the concert. The film faced further production problems, including a legal battle between Relativity and the Weinstein Company (which at the time held worldwide distribution rights to the franchise). During that time Alex Tse (Lookouts) were brought in to write the script. In October 2011, Fresnadillo left the project with Gutiérrez a few months later. Jesse Wigutow (It runs in the family) set to write a new draft of the script

Soon after Cliff Dorfman (the warrior) entered to rewrite a restart page. In July 2014, Gutiérrez left the film due to scheduling conflicts with filming for the horror sequel. The rings. Later that year, James O’Barr announced that he would co-write the screenplay with Dorfman and Dorfman. Corin Hardy (Nun) was brought in to direct the film. Production came to a complete halt in 2015 after Relativity Media filed for bankruptcy. Hardy remained attached to the project until 2016, when he was briefly given the go-ahead to return a few months later. When he left in 2018 due to creative differences.

Finally, in 2022 that was announced Zach Baylin (King Richard) would write the script Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman) directing the film.

They are attached to the film production Molly Hassell (Brave), Victor Hadida (Resident Evil), John Jencks (Guns Akimbo), Malcolm Gray (21 Bridges), and original Crow producer Edward R. Pressman.

The filmmakers bought international distribution rights to the film at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, ahead of the start of location shooting on July 13, 2022 in Prague. Over ten weeks in the summer of 2022, Crow it was filmed in many locations in the capital, including a major set shot in the Rudolfinum concert hall in Prague, with hundreds of extras.

After shooting on September 16, 2022, the film entered virtual production at Germany’s Penzing Studios and was finally completed in October 2022.

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When can audiences see The Crow?

There are a lot of rumors about the release date of the film, but nothing is official yet. The most reliable word is that the film will be released in the first months of 2024, but some believe that it will not be released until September of that year.

Is there a trailer for The Crow reboot?

Image via Miramax Films

No trailer has been released yet, and since the film still doesn’t have a distributor, it will probably be a while before we finally get one.

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