February 21, 2024

Many people enjoy watching a good show from start to finish. There are different TV shows that you can start watching. There are shows that a viewer can watch from any episode (eg the law and Order, friends, and the office) and shows that a viewer should watch it from the very beginning.

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With the latter, if a viewer watches the show from a later episode, they’ve missed a lot. They lack context to connect with characters or major plot twists. The most profound moment of a show might seem like nothing without proper construction. For shows like that Breaking Badand Game of Thronesviewers should tune in from the first episode to get the most out of it.


1 ‘Pretty Little Liars’ (2010-2017)

The cast of Pretty Little Liars standing together
Image via Freeform

pretty little liars it was a show full of secrets revealed, mysteries solved, and plot twists that viewers would only understand if they had seen the show from the beginning. Fans of the show had to solve the main mysteries of who the “A”s were.

Hence a Reddit user he said that “A” revelations are much more satisfying when viewers go through the episodes from the beginning. While fans have noticed plot holes at some of the twists and turns, they still agree that viewers need to watch from the first episode to understand what’s going on.

2 ‘Lost’ (2004-2010)

Evangeline Lilly and Matthew Fox in Lost

lost it has been praised for its well-executed stories, making it one of the most popular TV series. There are so many iconic episodes in there lost that fans haven’t forgotten, as well as surprising plot twists.

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u/CRISPR he said they started seeing each other on a thread lost Before going back from season 2 and watching it from the beginning. However, one Reddit user responded that they felt bad. This is because there was a lot of build-up in season 1 which made the appearances more appealing.

3 ‘The Good Place’ (2016-2020)

Good place

Good place It shows that living in the afterlife has plot twists and surprises. Fans of the show have enjoyed watching all the journeys of characters such as Eleanor (Kristen Bell) and Michael (Ted Danson), and well-executed character development.

Reddit users according to the popular show Good place must be seen from the beginning. They agreed that if viewers don’t watch Season 1, they won’t understand the show. Because it’s the first season Good place it sets up the show for the rest of the season.

4 ‘Breaking Bad’ (2008-2013)

Breaking Bad-Dead Freight-3

Fans tuned in to watch Breaking Bad It brought notable plot twists and plenty of big, bad villains for its guided storylines.

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Reddit users in a thread They discussed shows where their first episode wasn’t the pilot episode. u/RedBullets said that Breaking Bad it was the show they started watching from a later episode. They mentioned that while they still enjoyed the show, they wished it had started with the pilot.

5 ‘Gossip Girl’ (2007-2012)

Image via The CW

Little girl it was a guilty pleasure teen drama that many fans enjoyed and hooked on. Who was the main mystery of the show Little girl was behind all the drama on the Upper East Side.

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There are many Reddit users He said they enjoyed watching the entire series from start to finish. Most agreed that the show is a must watch from the beginning, but not for one reason, one might think. u/Bread_can_bea_napkin says the first season is a fun guilty pleasure, but the show went downhill after that. Others agreed and said Season 1 was original and entertaining, but it didn’t stay that way.

6 ‘Mad Men’ (2007-2015)

Mad Men - Don Draper

Crazy men It was one of the iconic catch-up TV shows for the company known for its over-the-top characters and 1960s fantasy chronicles. It was a character-driven show that didn’t have much of a cliffhanger, but the fans enjoyed it.

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A reddit user who is a fan Crazy men says that while it may feel like a slow burn at first, each scene tells the viewer more about a character and builds a more exemplary build. Additionally, the pilot offers a surprising plot twist that changes the course of a viewer’s viewing of the show.

7 ‘Game of Thrones’ (2011-2019)

Daenerys and her followers standing on a beach and looking ahead in Game of Thrones.

It attracts the audience Game of Thrones for many reasons, from great production design to fan-favorite characters. No wonder, with its many exciting plots, Game of Thrones it also featured numerous character deaths, which added to the show’s shock value.

As Reddit users debated whether the show got worse in later seasons or didn’t have a satisfying ending, everyone agreed that the first few seasons are must-sees. In particular, Season 1 sets the context for why the characters go to war, something that is crucial for the audience to understand.

8 ‘How I met your mother’ (2005-2014)

Slapsgiving How I Met Your Mother

Fans had to stick with Ted (Josh Radnor) when the children heard the story of how their father met their mother. Long-time fans of the show know that the story isn’t easy. That’s one of the reasons why it’s a show to watch from episode one.

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A Reddit user says they wouldn’t skip an episode because the story unfolds throughout the show. Another says the show throws in Easter eggs and other story references that only a longtime viewer would understand.

9 ‘Dexter’ (2006-2013)

Michael C. Hall photographs the Dexter crime scene
Image via Showtime

Dexter (Michael C. Hall) he vowed to stop dying Dexterat the end of the series, he will return to die Dexter: New Blood. Fans of the show will remember Dexter’s best kills (out of 140 of them!)

with that Dexter: New Blood Following Dexter’s journey, Reddit users say so Dexter must be watched from the beginning and before watching the sequel series. This is because watching the first episode will provide context, and a viewer would not understand the history and significance of the characters if they watched later episodes.

10 “The Americans” (2013-2018)

Kimberly, played by Julia Garner, walks down the sidewalk next to Phillip, played by Matthew Rhys, who is in costume from 'The Americans'.
Image via FX

Meanwhile the americans At first, they look like a basic spy drama, fans find the show very exciting and enjoy every episode. Reddit users discuss the americans everyone in this thread agreed that this show is binge-worthy and should be seen from the beginning.

For example, a Reddit user says that the americans It is a very serialized drama. Starting in the middle would confuse the audience and prevent them from connecting with the characters. Another agreed and said that jumping right into the later seasons would miss out on a lot of big plot twists and they wouldn’t be worth it.

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