June 25, 2024

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for You Season 4, Part 2.

you Season 4 achieved something no Netflix series has ever done before: a fresh take on an old premise. For three seasons, we’ve followed Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) as the central protagonist who tells the story. More than once we have seen his victims chase (and almost always, kill), leave a place and start again in a new city, but with a different woman. Each of these concepts came into play this season, but it was a very different approach to Joe that was hunted.

In Season 4, however, a new woman enters a new city to obsess over for Joe (or Jonathan Moore as he masquerades as Professor). As a woman who lives comfortably in the flat across the street for Joe to watch from the window, Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) grows into a new person of interest to our leader. Not through Ritchie’s fault, but Joe and Kate’s connection never materializes the way we saw it play out with Beck (Elizabeth Lail) and love (Victoria Pedretti). Even Joe’s walks with characters like Delilah (Carmela Zumbado) and of course, Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), had a more attractive side than with Kate. While Season 4 Episode 2’s dream sequence spent a few minutes bringing Beck and Love back, their cameos highlighted how distant viewers felt from any attachment to Joe and Kate’s love story.

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Beck and Love’s cameos in ‘You’ season 4 are brief, but powerful

Love Quinn, played by Victoria Pedretti, sitting in a chair and holding a book in Joe's glass case in Joe's dream in You Season 4 II.  in the part
Image via Netflix

Beck and Love’s aforementioned cameos towards the end of Season 4 were the brightest moments in a satisfying back half of the story. Joe goes on a crazy and confusing journey in episode 9, navigating the demons in his head, starting to bring back one of this season’s victims, Gemma (Eve Austin). Once his appearance is over, he takes us back down memory lane to Season 1 with Beck appearing. It might only be a minute, but Lail delivers everything that made Beck so appealing. From her charm to the way she can easily get into Joe’s head, “Oh, I’m sorry. Did I hurt your feelings?” he reminded viewers of how connected these two were once and why he was the perfect person to present alongside Joe.

If Beck’s return ignited all this, then Love’s multiplied it fivefold. There was always something about the character that Pedretti portrayed so effortlessly. We know that Joe is one of the few people who truly fear him. She contrasted perfectly with his leading role and exemplified this in her three-minute scene-stealing moment. The moment he says “Hi, Joe” his look of disapproval is cold. That’s why he got tired when Joe was alive. He was the same in a way that no one else was. In a fitting return, it is Love who breaks Joe into this hallucination. Instead of giving Marienne the key to release her, as she had hoped, Love is seen giving her a gun to symbolize that there is only one way out. As he explains, “Someone has to die to end this.” It’s the first time we’ve seen Joe reach this point, a self-reflection where he finally realizes he’s the problem (shout out to the Taylor Swift “Anti-Hero” overdub in the next episode). Beck and Love’s two appearances were perhaps too brief, but they moved the story along and served to remind us why those former love interests were so memorable.

Kate lacks an emotional connection with Joe in “You” season 4

Kate and Joe look longingly into each other's eyes in a scene from You season 4.
Image via Netflix

As for Kate, there seemed to be a disconnect with her character from the beginning of Season 4. By design, it seemed as far away as it could get. After all, she was having an affair with Malcolm (Stephen Hagan) before being killed by Rhys (Ed Speelers) – or should we say, Joe. So it’s understandable that he’s honest considering everything he’s been through. When she finally got close to Joe, and eventually got romantically involved with him, she never felt as emotional as Beck’s, and even though she was presented as a solid figure, she just didn’t give off the same vibe. As the true partner of Love of Joe.

However, in an optimistic sense, a new layer or two may emerge if it is Season 5. you gets the green light. as we see in section you The end of Season 4, Part 2, she and Joe are back in New York and in a position of power, which puts Joe in a place we’ve never seen before. If this is how the story plays out, it seems inevitable that we’ll learn a lot more about Kate in the future and how she’s doing when her father is no longer in the picture (thanks Joe). Until then, however, Kate’s debut in Season 4 never really gave us the connection to the lead that was intended. There’s time to change this, but we’ll have to wait for a future season to get to that point, something that should never happen with the instant chemistry we’ve seen with Joe, Beck and Love.

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