June 25, 2024

Fans may have to wait a little longer to follow Joel (Peter Pascal) and Ellie’s (Bella Ramsey) trip, as one of the protagonists The last of us has just teased that season two is a long way off. Although the first part of HBO’s adaptation of the hit 2013 video game just ended last week, the countdown to new episodes has already begun for fans of the series, and they can’t wait to see what happens after that cliffhanger. . In a recent interview independent, Ramsey mentioned that the second season will probably arrive in 2025:

It will be a while. I think we’ll probably shoot it at the end of this year, early next year. So it will probably be late 2024, early 2025.

Ramsey’s comments echo what Pedro Pascal told Collider during the series’ press tour, where he mentioned the second season. The last of us production would begin at the end of this year. While the first installment focused on adapting the events of the first game, the same may not be the case with the next batch of episodes, as the showrunners teased that the plot of the second game will be adapted over multiple seasons. Even if fans have to wait a little longer for Joel and Ellie to return, it could mean that the producers want multiple seasons going forward. The last of us It could be most of this decade.

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The events of the first season are set in motion when the dangerous Cordyceps virus evolves to the point where it has the power to survive while infecting humans as hosts. The virus managed to spread rapidly across the planet thanks to its transport via flour, ensuring that anyone who wanted to have some pancakes in the morning became a deadly zombie. The explosion leaves the world as a post-apocalyptic environment where everyone is struggling to find food, shelter, and protection from people already lost to the infection.

Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us season 1 finale
Image via HBO

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Why is Ellie so important?

The character played by Bella Ramsey must be transported across the country to reach a scientific facility run by the Fireflies. led by Marlene (Merle Dandridge), the Fireflies consider themselves liberators as they attempt to take down the Federal Disaster Response Agency. It is important to obtain Ellie’s blood, as the girl has proven to be immune to the Cordyceps virus, and her DNA may hold the answer to a cure. Unfortunately for anyone who wants to attack Ellie, the girl’s life must be lost in order to develop the cure her world desperately needs.

All episodes of The last of us are now available for playback HBO Max. You can watch the interview with Pascal below:

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