May 24, 2024

Apple TV+ has certainly made an attempt to become a bold voice in the future of science fiction with shows like Watch, Amazing Stories, Foundation, Invasion, Severance, and Hello Tomorrow! New upcoming drama the siloloosely inspired by the author’s popular series of novels Hugh Howey, is the latest in these dystopian stories that have the difficult task of creating a version of the future that is darker than our current reality. Due to a toxic surface environment, the remnants of humanity must travel underground and live in a massive facility, where they are told to trust an unstable system with true intentions unknown to them. While this may sound like a rather unfortunate viewing experience, there is an older sci-fi classic that took the same concept in a more interesting way. Logan’s Run It certainly has a lot of those story concepts, some trippy visuals, a colorful atmosphere, sickening satire, and happens to have a lot more sex.


What is ‘Logan’s Run’ about?

Michael York as Logan and Jenny Agutter as Jessica 6 in Logan's Run (1976)
Image via MGM

2274, set in the distant future of 1976 Logan’s Run He applied the story of the 1967 novel of the same name William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson and used it as a metaphor for Americans’ distrust of their government in light of the Kennedy assassination and the Watergate scandal that has fueled so many paranoia thrillers. In Logan’s Run, humans live on the surface in a supposed utopian system with darker motivations than its young, hot population could ever imagine. In secret, a deadly environment that wipes out anyone who reaches the age of 30, to maintain the balance of society’s resources, the set of the sealed city. Logan’s Run it will keep its population young and warm at all costs.

The 1970s were an incredibly interesting decade in the development of the science fiction genre. Of course, dismissal Star Wars In 1977, it changed the future of the genre (and the industry) forever, instantly starting a similar wave of potential sci-fi hits. Encounters of the Third Kind, Superman: The Movie, Alien, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Black Hole, and even cheap imitations Laserblast. However, Star Wars It was preceded by a series of darker and more surreal sci-fi films like Solaris, Silent Running, Soylent Green, and Slaughterhouse-Bost which explored the dystopian potential of the future. Logan’s Run was caught in an odd interval; It’s a fun young-adult adventure set against the backdrop of an oppressive nightmare. Any anomaly is confusing the silo fans should check it out.

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‘Logan’s Run’ tells its story through stunning visuals and design

Logan's Run - 1976
Image via MGM

Director Michael Andersonknown for his work on the Best Picture winner Around the world in 80 days, brings an exciting sense of retro futurism to the quirky geodesic domes. Unexpectedly, it received Oscar nominations for Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction. While some older sci-fi films feel dated in their visions of the future, they seem like cheap imitations of today’s technology. Logan’s Run It has a visual palette specially designed to hide its intentions Matrix-esque supercomputer that controls it.

This is a brilliant music video that comes to life; It’s everything the 70s teenage generation of record fans would like to see in their future, which obviously makes them ignorant of the obvious threat it poses. Even their ritual ceremony is disguised as a more formal process called “Carrousel”. It is presented as another exciting “new opportunity” for those lucky enough to make it through, but the “Carousel” process itself is revealed to be not quite the “spiritual rebirth” the characters imagined; it is a human silo that crushes humans to preserve life force. Humans cannot be trusted to make their own decisions, and the initial shock provided by the supercomputer intelligence system slowly turns into a more terrifying Hal-like monotonous threat. 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The characters in ‘Logan’s Run’ are interesting and young

Although many people are nicer, Logan’s Run has a character arc Blade Runner recognizes that a pawn within the system is doing more harm than good; Not only was it an interesting way to show the emerging distrust of conformity and authority in America’s protest culture, but it made the adventure story more compelling in a way that oddly reflected a kind of youth rebellion. Logan (Michael York) and his friend Francis (Richard Jordan) are “Sandmen”, elite members of the security forces, tasked with eliminating “Runners” who completely ignore the “Carousel” process and try to escape outside the city.

Logan’s character arc is predictable, but his youthful ignorance can be traced back to the over-sexualization of the city and the supercomputer denying its residents true knowledge. After an encounter with Jessica (Jenny Agutter), is drawn to a pendant that Logan is wearing, bearing the markings of a location outside of the city called “Sanctuary”. Logan soon realizes that this is where the Runners are headed, and it looks like they would be his next target. However, he is not keen to follow, as he realizes through a bright red light that he has been selected for the “Carousel” process. York does a great job of showing the change in tone; now he must leave the safety of the civilization he grew up in and take a leap of faith with Jessica as they become runners.

Not surprisingly, issues Logan’s Run they are so universal that a remake has gone through several years of development hell after being planned. Suddenly Ryan Gosling and Nicholas Winding Ref He tried to correct what would have been a darker interpretation, but in the end they gave up. Simon Kinbergalong the lines of what he envisioned as a young adult franchise hunger games. Although that prompted him to hire the studio Mockingbird – Part 1 and part 2 Writer Peter Craig to complete a new draft, there are no new developments since 2018. Let’s see Logan’s Run it’s aimed at living in the past, but it certainly offers something that most dystopian stories don’t; there is a sense of hope at the end that is desperately needed.

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