February 22, 2024

Michael Keaton’s Batman and Ezra Miller’s Flash team up this summer.

Forecast the flash it is slowly reaching mach 10 speed. A film directed by DC It‘s Andy Muschietti races into theaters in June, and McFarlane Toys and Funko have already unveiled several exciting new products related to this multiverse adventure. This included two incredible statues of McFarlane Michael KeatonBatman is masked Ezra MillerFlash of

First off, the Keaton Batman statue is a Gold Label variant of the previously announced DC Multiverse 12-inch statue, with the only difference being the unmasked head sculpt. This statue shows the return of Keaton in all his glory with a head sculpt that is very accurate to the actor’s likeness. It also appears that his cloak and cape are two separate pieces. Gone are the days when he had to literally rip off his mask to reveal his true identity like at the end Batman Back. Like the normal statue, Batman is seen in his classic fighting stance Tim Burton the movies The statue also comes with a base and a collectible art card with character bios on the back. This Gold Tag statue will be a McFarlane Toy Store exclusive and retail for $39.99.


Finally, The Flash is a 12-inch resin DC Direct statue that sees the Scarlet Speedster stopping mid-race, possibly preparing for battle. There is some great detail work on this particular statue with just a comic inspired suit. This new Flash movie costume totally embraces the bright red and gold color scheme, especially when it comes to the boots. This also harnesses the Flash’s powers with energy coming from The Flash’s chest emblems and lightning effects are included to add even more electric appeal to this piece. The base of the statue also features the Flash logo, with some street debris added to show just how fast the hero really is. The statue costs $249.99.

Image courtesy of Warner Bros.

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What is the flash About?

the flash it’s about the hero’s tragic past, and explores how Barry Allen’s mother was murdered by a mysterious force when he was young; however, Barry’s father was charged with his wife’s murder because there was no other explanation. Since then Barry has been trying to prove his father’s innocence, but his powers have given him another chance. The ability to go back in time to save his mother’s life. However, similarly flashpoint the story that inspired it, breaks the timeline and Barry ends up in another universe. General Zod won the battle over the world The man of steel because metahumans don’t exist and where Ben Affleck’s Batman was replaced with Keaton’s version of the DC hero. Along with Keaton’s Batman Sasha CalleThe newly formed Supergirl teams up with the Flash to fix the timeline. Affleck’s version of Batman will also appear in the film.

When does it the flash release?

the flash It hits theaters everywhere on June 16, 2023. However, if you’re lucky enough to be attending CinemaCon this April, the DC film will be premiering at the event two months earlier. While waiting for the return of Keaton’s Dark Knight, you can pre-order these new ones Batman and the flash movie statues on McFarlane’s website now.

Batman The Flash Mcfarlane Toys Figure
Image via McFarlane Toys

Image of Flash Mcfarlane toys
Image via McFarlane Toys

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