February 22, 2024

Ariana DeBose He made headlines this week for his hilarious and soulful raps at the BAFTA opening ceremony. While many found it outrageous, others celebrated it as a broad approach to celebrating the women nominated in the acting categories. And while DeBose’s delivery was a bit off, his energy and charm on stage are undeniable.

Like DeBose, many of the other actors are great award show performers. Entertaining an audience for over three hours is no easy feat, and these performers deserve all the credit in the world for doing such an exemplary job of keeping things light and moving.


1 Ariana DeBose

Anita (Ariana DeBose) in West Side Story smiling for the camera during the fire order.
West Side Story image via 20th Century Studios

Oscar-winning actress Ariana DeBose has a successful film career ahead of her, starring in Sony films. Kraven the Hunter he is about to direct a film and a psychological thriller. He also showcased his hosting talents as MC for the 2022 Tony Awards. Mixing music and dance with lightheartedness and overall spectacle, DeBose put on a lighthearted and highly entertaining show.

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​​​​DeBose may not be fun to walk on the floor, but he doesn’t have to be. His hosting skills are based on his charisma and energy; whether singing or dancing, DeBose is a born entertainer who dominates the stage like few others.

2 Hugh Jackman

Peter standing in the street looking serious in the Son
Image via Sony Pictures Classics

Hugh Jackman started on stage before transitioning to film; thus, he has experience of performing in front of live audiences. Also, the Oscar nominee is a born entertainer; Jackman has charisma these days, dominating the screen – and the stage – with ease, making him look effortless.

Despite his extensive film career, Jackman still acts. The Tony winner has hosted the show four times and made a big impression on the audience when he served as MC for the Oscars at the 2009 ceremony. A musician at heart, Jackman fills his host with plenty of music and dance, proving himself to be one of the most versatile performers in the industry.

3 Aubrey Plaza

Harper with a serious look at Ethan in the hotel restaurant at The White Lotus.
Image via HBO Max

Audiences can get to know and love it Aubrey Plaza for his gift of black comedy. The actor shone in such projects Parks and Recreation, Ingrid goes westand lastly White Lotusthanks to his dry and biting humor that borders on the macabre.

The special mood of the square is perfectly adapted to host an award ceremony; however, it has to be the right show because it might be too niche for a wide audience. Enter the Indie Spirit Awards, whose low-key show gives the Plaza a full run. He’s hosted the event twice, singing, dancing and always bringing his unique shtick to a great and awkward time.

4 Neil Patrick Harris

Michael at a party watching something from Uncoupled.
Image via Netflix

Conquering television and the stage is not an easy task. However, Neil Patrick Harris Tony and Emmy winner, with great charisma. Harris is essentially a one-man show, with a gorgeous voice, great comedic timing and enough energy to light up an entire Broadway theater.

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Harris has won an Emmy, Tony and Oscar. His song and dance numbers are often incredible: from listing the many advantages of television to proclaiming how Broadway is “not just for gays anymore,” Harris can do no wrong. His Oscar season wasn’t his best night, but he’s proven his talents as a host enough times already.

5 Kumail Nanjiani

Steve, smiling, at a Welcome to Chippendales party.
Image via Hulu

Oscar nominee Kumail Nanjiani he is a stylish comedian. Quick, witty and hilariously likable, Najiani is an expert at connecting with the audience, making them feel like they’re in on the joke. He has made a name for himself on the silver screen thanks to films like Najiani The Great Sick and the eternal onesbut he is electrifying on stage.

Like Plaza, Najiani is the perfect host for a show like Indie Spirits. Paired with equal talents Kate McKinnon, Najiani put on a raucous show that included all the classic elements of hospitality. He performed sketches, delivered a hilarious monologue and confirmed what everyone already knew: he is one of the best comedians working today.

6 Rebel Wilson

Stephanie in her cheerleader uniform Senior Year.
Image via Netflix

Rebel Wilsonthe star’s rise was swift and unpredictable. In fact, whoever saw it The Perfect Pitch or How to Be Unique he knows how irreverent Wilson is. The actor is a master of physical comedy, using his excellent comedic timing to make the most of his jokes, elevating them even if they aren’t always the best.

The comedian is unique, he uses a great sense of humor to deliver his mischievous jokes and get the best reactions from his audience. His quirky style might not seem like the best fit to host a show like the BAFTAs, but it’s precisely this clash of styles that makes it such a genius choice. Wilson made jokes about the royal family to Prince William’s face for being loud. It takes courage and talent to stand out; luckily, Wilson has both.

7 Stephen Fry

Courtesy of Warner Bros

English treasure Stephen Fry it’s already an icon. With a prolific career in film and television, Fry is an adaptable performer who can steal almost any scene he speaks with few words; sometimes, he doesn’t even need to speak; it’s so good

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Fry has hosted the BAFTAs a whopping twelve times. However, he manages to make each ceremony special, as if it were his first time on stage. Reliably funny but willing to step out of his comfort zone, Fry is the ideal host, a charming and engaging entertainer who makes viewers forget their troubles and enjoy the moment.

8 Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg, hands together, looking pensive in The Stand.

EGOT winner Whoopi Goldberg He is a Hollywood icon. The Oscar-winning actor is famous for his irreverent humor and self-deprecation. Goldberg can be provocative and boundary-pushing just as easily as he can put on a silly costume and draw light laughs from his audience.

The events hosted by the Oscars are among the best in the ceremony’s 95-year history. Whether she’s delivering a scathing monologue mocking American politics or coming down from a swing dressed like a Moulin Rouge dancer, no one does it like Whoopi. His presence is sorely missed these days, especially as Oscar hosts become more and more boring.

9 Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Kate and Dan dancing at a Sisters party
Image via Universal

Few interpreters are as bright, friendly and intelligent Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The duo rose to prominence as one of the greatest duos of all time Saturday Night Live cast members before leaving the show to pursue solo and highly successful television careers. The Emmy-winning dup is one of the funniest comedians in the business, thanks to his brilliant comedic timing, energetic personality and direct yet offensive style.

Unlike other comedians, Fey and Poehler can be funny and biting without being offensive. Their jokes George Clooney At the 2014 and 2015 Golden Globes, they show a willingness to be bold without going too bad. The duo chooses their targets smartly, delivering hilarious banter that never crosses the line into being inappropriate, uncomfortable or cruel. Moreover, they have a distinctive lightness; their act seems effortless, even charming, even if they include more than their risqué jokes.

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