February 21, 2024

Many of the greatest films of all time rose to fame thanks to their iconic soundtracks. It is impossible to think Back to the Future Without the “power of love”. Reservoir Dogs Without the “little green bag”. Trainspotting Without the “longing for life” or so the good ones Without “my way”. Sometimes an iconic scene from a hit movie can boost the fame of the original artist; the queen “Bohemian Rhapsody” saw more resonance after it appeared Wayne’s World. However, there are some cases where a great soundtrack is the only aspect of a movie.

Just because a movie doesn’t work doesn’t mean it can’t have a great playlist; if you’re thinking about leaving the theater or turning off a movie halfway through, you might stop and think again if you hear one of your favorite bands playing in the background. Not all movies can be Back to the Future or the good onesand these are some cases where the soundtrack was better than the movie itself.


Suicide Squad

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David Ayer2016 movie Suicide Squad it was one of the weakest comic book movies in recent memory; While a film focused on the rouge gallery of the DC universe teaming up to fight a more sinister antagonist seemed like a great concept, the film’s uneven editing, poor writing, confusing tonal shifts and an awkward sense of humor wreaked havoc. That being said, only one aspect Suicide Squad It was the music he lived through, which featured prominently in the trailers. In between EminemIt’s “without me”. graceIt’s “You don’t own me.” Creedence Clearwater The Resurrection‘s “Fortunate Son” and the original song “Heathens”. Twenty One Pilots, Suicide SquadThe soundtrack managed to collect hits from several generations.

Hot summer nights

Hot summer nights it is odd in the A24 collection; it can’t decide whether it wants to be a coming-of-age comedy or a gritty crime thriller, and the odd plots only highlight the film’s tonal contrast. However, the film does a pretty great job with the soundtrack drops from the 1980s music era. with that David Bowieuser “Space Oddity”, BeckIt’s “I’m so free.” Ty WagnerThe movie “Walking Down Lonely Street”, and The Modern Lovers“Hospital”, the music was much more authentic than the characters and relationships.

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Gold The “awards bait” was very disappointing, failing to gain any traction in the Oscar race. Matthew McConaughey Kenny Wells (based on Bre-X CEO David Walsh) gives a wonderful performance, but the film ends up condensing his life into a Wikipedia entry. However, marketing was based on usage Iggy Pop“Gold”, and the film that followed, managed to work on even more classical tunes. Oscar the Great“Ron Klaus wrecked his house” Joy DivisionIt’s “atmosphere”. New Order“Tension” of and the pixiesAmong the 121-minute duration of “Hey” are some of the great songs that managed to keep the audience awake.

San Elmo fire

“The Brat Pack” made many iconic coming-of-age films in the 1980s, though San Elmo fire it hardly became a classic The Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles were. The film’s unlikable characters weren’t charming in the 80s, and the film’s offensive humor has aged even worse. The only party San Elmo fire has similar classics Pretty in Pink its soundtrack is incredible; original compositions by the famous producer David Foster turned around San Elmo fire become a bigger sensation than the film deserved.

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The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman it’s not necessarily a bad movie, but it’s a haphazard collection of musical numbers that basically presents PT Barnum as an underrated folk hero, when in reality he was just an evil charlatan. So how did it become such a worldwide sensation and hit? thanks to the musical talents of Hugh Jackman and Broadway producers Greg Wells, Justin Paul and Benj Pasek, The Greatest ShowmanThe soundtrack greatly encouraged music lovers to watch the film. There are many standout numbers (“A Million Dreams”, “Rewrite The Stars” and “From Now On” to name a few), but it was the winning number “This Is Me” that earned an Oscar nomination and a Gold Award. Win a balloon.

I’m Sam

Young Dakota Fanning wearing a pink T-shirt
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I’m Sam It’s a tremendous attempt to humanize the lives of people with intellectual disabilities who suffer from every cliché you can imagine; Sean Penn‘s performance has not aged well at all. Although the movie tries to be charming, the only thing that is really endearing is the love that the main character has. The Beatles. Cover versions of “Let It Be,” “Across the Universe,” “Blackbird,” “Nowhere Man” and “Revolution,” among others, manage to erase the unbearable dialogue.

the beach

Danny Boyle He never failed to produce a great soundtrack for his films, even if they don’t look the quality of the classics. Steve Jobs or Shallow Grave. the beach is probably his worst film, but the quirky mystery adventure film became a sensation in 2000 with its incredible soundtrack. New Order, Blur, Underworld, Orbital, Faithless, Sugar Ray, and All Saints are among the sampled groups that appear.

Batman Forever

Although not quite as awesome as its sequel Batman and Robin, Joel SchumacherHis first adventure into Gotham City made the dark knight a joke, completely at odds with the tone. Tim Burton they built it so finely in the first two films. That being said, Batman Forever He had the benefit of a great original song, “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me,” which earned him the win. U2 Golden Globe and Grammy nomination. The rest of the soundtrack sets the mood The stampuser’s movie “Kiss From A Rose”. Flaming Lips“bad days” Mazzy StarTell me now” and Method Manto create one of the best sounds of “The Riddler”. Batman movies so far

Unbearable cruelty

Coen brothers They are known for their incredible movie soundtracks, including some classics The Big Lebowski and O brother, where are you? increasing the cult appreciation thanks to the fans’ passion for the music. Unbearable cruelty It may be the Coen brothers’ worst film, but that doesn’t mean it took away from the excellent collection of romantic songs they sold. George Clooney and Catherine Zeta-Jones‘ the relationship is better than the script. Elvis Presleyby user “I can’t help falling in love” Simon and GarfunkelIt’s “The Boxer”. Tom Jones“If only I knew”, and Melissa ManchesterAlong with the great score of “Don’t Cry Out Loud”. Carter Burwell.

Teenage Spirit

Teenage Spirit it has a fantastic concept; it is basically a Cinderella a story set in the world of a pop music competition. While the film itself unfortunately repeats many clichéd aspects of similar ‘fame’ films, it has a wonderful soundtrack accompanied by genuine performances from the film’s cast. Elle Fanning proves her talents as a singer and actress with incredible songs including “Good Time”, “Don’t Kill My Vibe”, “Light” and “Dancing On My Own”.


The true story of the MIT Blackjack Team and their experiences counting cards and mingling with criminals in the Las Vegas casino scene is a fascinating premise for a thriller that could compete. Martin Scorsese’s Casino; unfortunately, 21 it seems to eschew one of the more compelling aspects of the story or in favor of a general crowd pleaser. It’s a huge waste of a great story, though 21 at least it brings the exciting Las Vegas gaming environment to life thanks to an awesome and energetic soundtrack. Among the older classics The Rolling Stones‘ “You can’t always get what you want” and MobyFor more modern hits like the song “Slippin’ Away”. LCD sound system“Big ideas” and Rhiannaren’s “Shut Up And Drive”, the 21 the soundtrack reflects the traditionalism of Vegas culture and the youth of the protagonists.

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