February 22, 2024

Some shows shouldn’t make it past their first season. They can have a fantastic premise that’s best suited for a short story, like a criminally underrated one Scream Queens; perhaps they are too much and it would be beneficial to be sudden, like the villains now happy; or maybe they’re just concepts that shouldn’t be left to fall apart on their own, for example Once upon a time.

For whatever reason, fans feel that these shows should not have made it past their first season. Reddit fans have created a number of shows that overstayed their welcome, arguing that if they had finished their first season, they would be remembered as among the best examples of their respective genres.


1 ‘Glee’ (2009-2015)

Glee characters throwing fat to the camera

Few shows have aged as badly happy. Once a commercial and critical darling, the show slowly degenerated, ending its six-season run as a shadow of its former self. Today, it is remembered for its highly controversial cast and the increasingly outrageous stories that come out about its troubled production.

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Season 1 though happy It was really great, with catchy cover music, likable characters and an enjoyable plot that made it instantly addictive. Redditor u/supes1 thinks ‚ÄúSeason 2 happy It became the exact type of show they were parodying in Season 1,” while u/CookieCatSupreme feels that season 2 felt “lost”, with episodes written “rather than prepared”.

2 ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ (2017-)

Elisabeth Moss as June in a promotional image for The Handmaid's Tale.

Elisabeth Moss He won a longtime Emmy for his tour de force performance The Handmaid’s Tale adaptation of season 1 Margaret Atwoodmain novel, The Handmaid’s Tale Gilead is set in the dystopian country and follows June, a fertile woman forced into the slavery of pregnancy.

Redditor u/TheFamilyJulezzz he believes the show should have ended in Season 1 because “no TV writer could ever hope to compete with Margaret Atwood.” In fact, starting in season 2, The Handmaid’s Tale has introduced significant changes to the show’s narrative, deviating further from the source material. While some of these changes have been well received, it’s clear that the show is now its own thing.

3 ‘Heroes’ (2006-2010)

The main characters of Heroes in a promotional image for the show.

Heroes It began with an intriguing premise that capitalized on the superhero boom of the early 2000s. The show focused on a group of ordinary people who discovered they had superpowers and worked together to prevent future disasters.

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Season 1 was universally acclaimed and received several awards, including Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. However, Heroes losing steam in the following seasons, the show fell victim to its own devices. u/OdoWanKenobi He blames several factors for the show’s decline, saying “it was originally intended to be an anthology, but the characters became too popular, so they had to keep them around.” The infamous writer’s strike of 2007 did Heroes no favors; At the very least, the excellent first season remains a masterclass in genre storytelling.

4 ‘American Gods’ (2017-2021)


The underrated Ian McShane enter the stars Bryan Fuller‘s American Godsbased on Neil Gaiman2001 novel. The story centers on the battle between the Old and New Gods and the man caught in the middle.

Although it has never been a macho assessment, American Gods it received positive reviews, with audiences celebrating it as a classic. However, fans noticed a significant drop in quality after Season 1, according to Redditors u/djkhan23 stating “Bryan Fuller leaving killed the show”. u/AtraposJM “The writing was very poor in S2,” he says, agreeing that the show should have ended after Fuller’s departure.

5 ‘Once upon a time’ (2011-2018)

Image via ABC

ABC’s fantasy show Once upon a time was the television’s answer bewitched. The show focused on a large and diverse group of fairy tale characters sent into the real world by the evil queen’s curses. Only Snow White and Prince Charming’s daughters can break it, with the help of her son, who was given up for adoption and somehow ended up in the cursed town.

While Season 1 was innovative and charming, future seasons became overly contrived and downright silly. u/babblinggrant36 while he criticized the show’s “very repetitive stories”. Erotic writer4 he thinks the show “stopped trying” after season 1.

6 ‘Homeland’ (2011-2020)

Image via Showtime

Claire Danes and Damian Lewis they received good reviews for their work the homeland season 1 The show centered on Carrie Mathison, a CIA officer with bipolar disorder, Nicholas Brody, a recently released POW, during his time with Al-Qaeda.

Tense brilliantly acted, and cleverly written, the homeland it was an instant success. However, there was a decline in quality in future seasons u/RugRuggly Believing that Season 2 and its aftermath “didn’t have anywhere near the quality of the first season.” User friend u/maroon6798 believes “S1 would be the best season of TV ever if they (literally) pulled the trigger on Brody and got over the assault.”

7 ‘Scream Queens’ (2015-2016)

The cast of Scream Queens looking directly at the camera.

Emma Roberts and future cultural sensation Keke Palmer He joined the Oscar nominee Abigail Breslin and Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis in the year Ryan Murphyit’s wicked satire Scream Queens. The first season followed a college sorority targeted by a masked assassin named Red Devil.

Campy as hell Scream Queens Season 1 was the definition of guilty pleasure. However, Season 2 was unnecessary, he said u/party_daz, in his opinion, “the show would have been a classic satire if Season 1 had been left alone.” Budget issues made Season 2 feel smaller and dumber, and even the show’s ridiculously talented cast couldn’t save it.

8 ‘Broadchurch’ (2013-2017)

Olivia Colman and David Thewlis look into the distance on a beach in Broadchurch

Future Oscar winner Olvia Colman join up David Thewlis In the BBC crime drama Broadeliza. The first season revolved around the death of a local 11-year-old boy and its effects on the small coastal town of Broadchurch.

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Although the show was critically acclaimed throughout its three series run, some fans feel that seasons 2 and 3 did not reach the heights of the original. u/stump2016 he noted that both seasons “were more thought-provoking, and nothing had the emotional impact of the first”. User friend u/radicalqueerwarrior goes a step further, saying that Seasons 2 and 3 were just excuses to “milk it as hard as possible.”

9 ‘True Detective’ (2014-)

real detective0

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson He participated in the 1st season Nic Pizzolattos anthology crime drama True detective. The plot revolves around two homicide detectives who must review a seventeen-year-old case involving several unsolved crimes.

season 1 True detective received universal criticism. However, seasons 2 and 3 didn’t come close to the original, as many fans felt it was a mistake to make them. u/bl4ckCloudz believes that “Season 2 will go off the rails with the plot”, and that while Season 3 is “pretty good”, it doesn’t “catch the same lightning in a bottle as Season 1”.

10 ‘Killing Eve’ (2018-2022)

Eve and Villanelle in 'Killing Eve'

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer Deliver career-best performances in Season 1 Killing Eve, one of the great shows about female antiheroes. The series follows the cat-and-mouse chase between Eve, a British Intelligence researcher, and Villanelle, a psychopathic assassin. As their relationship evolves, the two develop an obsession with each other.

Most fans agree that Season 1 was so impressive because of this Phoebe Waller-Bridge‘s exceptional writing; his departure had a huge impact on the show. Redditor ptazdba He feels “things didn’t go far enough” in Season 2 dolce_bby He blames having different head writers each season for making the story “almost disjointed in a way.”

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